Let's talk about Amiga computers!

Do you (still) have an Amiga?

I have an A1200 now, which I got from eBay some while ago. Back in the day, I only had an A500 (my first computer), on which I played MI1, Zak, MM, Loom and many more classic games. :slight_smile: After that, I switched to PC.

Does your Amiga have any fancy modern upgrades? Mine has an SD card installed, which serves as a 4GB hard drive, and it uses ClassicWB as operating system.

I’m also thinking about getting a wifi card soon, so I can go online with my Amiga. Does anyone here have any experience with this? What do you use for a browser on an Amiga? :slight_smile:

I have an A500 and A1200.
I don’t use it anymore, but they are there. Rest in peace.

The first game I have played was Defender of the Crown. I mostly used my Amiga in conjuction with Deluxe Paint II.
I loved to create my cycle colors, and pressing the Tab key to see the colours cycling! :slight_smile:

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You might like this:

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My beloved computer! From 1986 to 1994 !


My Amiga 500, photo from 2008:

Shortly afterwards it was packed away and has remained unused since. I do have a clone of the hard disk, however, and an emulator ready to fire it up (which I still do every once in a while).

(The HDD is a 400MB IDE drive enclosed in the case on the left, which connects to the extension bus. There’s also 2MB additional memory in the case (expandable to 8MB total). The Amiga itself has been upgraded with a Kickstart 2.04 ROM.)

Here’s a screenshot of the OS:

Needless to say, the Amiga was an absolutely great machine. Wonder how things would have evolved if Commodore had done a better job at pushing it …


I bought this some time ago. Great book! :slight_smile:

I never owned an Amiga… but I ordered the C64 book. :slight_smile:

The first game I’ve played on Amiga was Defender of the crown:

I was impressed by the improved graphics, especially the use of the colour cycling technique to produce an animation effect on static images.

Then I started to experiment graphic effects by myself with Deluxe Paint II, and continued with Deluxe Paint IV: it was fantastic!
And Pro Tracker to play with music!


Btw, it’s probably self-evident to people just a little bit older than me but there’s no stupid frog involved in that song:

(I didn’t watch Beverly Hills Cop until a few years ago.)


In two versions: with and without exposed male genitalia!

There’s a frog without genitalia? For the American market? :stuck_out_tongue:

First time I see this newer version of Workbench. I used the 1.3 (1987) on my Amiga 500. It was the first graphic user interface I ever used for a OS.
This is what I would have seen in early '90s when I inserted the first disk of Monkey Island into the drive and explored its content:

That monkey was also my first avatar here. Thanks to WinFellow emulator.


This is what happens after you double-click on the wonderful icon:


Yes, here’s the video:


I really hoped that this frog is dead …


That looks so weird… even though frogs don’t even have genitalia! (Or at least not visibly.)

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I still have A500 but in many years it only got used just once, as a prop for a video. I loved (and often hated) that computer. Sadly, unlike C-64 I didn’t know how to get into programming on Amiga, so I used it as a console and not much else. Right now, I often go back to Amiga games using an emulator but I never play anything longer than 15 minutes. It’s a nostalgia trip for me only.

As far as I know (from reading Amiga groups), you can no longer browse internet on any Amiga, it’s just too slow for modern WWW. You can probably still use it for FTP or things like that.

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Even with the likes of Elinks and Netsurf?

No idea. I’m just repeating what I’ve read from more knowledgeable than me @ Amiga FB group. But I suppose the question was about normal browsing, not text based, so who knows.

NetSurf is a highly capable grahpical browser, just not so much in the JS department. :slight_smile: