Let's talk about Amiga computers!

I still have A500 but in many years it only got used just once, as a prop for a video. I loved (and often hated) that computer. Sadly, unlike C-64 I didn’t know how to get into programming on Amiga, so I used it as a console and not much else. Right now, I often go back to Amiga games using an emulator but I never play anything longer than 15 minutes. It’s a nostalgia trip for me only.

As far as I know (from reading Amiga groups), you can no longer browse internet on any Amiga, it’s just too slow for modern WWW. You can probably still use it for FTP or things like that.

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Even with the likes of Elinks and Netsurf?

No idea. I’m just repeating what I’ve read from more knowledgeable than me @ Amiga FB group. But I suppose the question was about normal browsing, not text based, so who knows.

NetSurf is a highly capable grahpical browser, just not so much in the JS department. :slight_smile:

I remember this! As a kid, I really liked this song.
Hmm… :notes: …yep, still haven’t got tired of it :sweat_smile:

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Do you know this frog?
I heard the song on the radio today by chance (and was going to post in song-mood of the day, but since we’re talking frogs anyway)


No, I’ve never seen him before! You’ve just put a massive smile on my face :grin:
Ok, Sushi, do you know these frogs?

(This is already my fave off-topic topic :blush: )


No, I don’t. I know Paul McCartney (though I didn’t hear him there). And that bear with the red jacket and yellow shawl looks awfully familiar. I have a very faint memory of him… is it Rupert??

Perhaps we should create a topic for joy-bringing frogs, then!


My autocomplete suggested McKracken there… :thinking:


Yes, it is! I also vaguely remember him.

I think we’ve probably covered the most important ones already :wink:


Oh, but do you know how many somgs Kermit did?
And we can always go off-topic there when we run out of songs, like on old computers or so.


Apparently it is a very old bear (98 years)!

I sid some searching and I think I only know him from playing this game when I was wee-little.


Ok then, go ahead. I can hardly stop you :joy:
And we can let this thread return to discussions of obsolete, I mean nostalgic computers. :wink:


I know Bruintje Beer (Rupert Bear), though I don’t remember it much. He was on TV in the early '90s.

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Of all the songs with Dio on vocals that is certainly the most random to hear on the radio (except maybe something by Ronnie and the Redcaps) but I heard before that it was a hit in belgium actually.

must be true
My parents were/are Deep Purple fans, so I must have gotten to know the song through them too somehow (as it predates my own existence with quite some years)

I also found a live video of the complete rock opera it’s supposed to be part of (without RJ Dio, starting around 1:01:30 and as encore at 1:17:20)
More recent one with Dio

That video is special because it features Ian Gillan singing for the absent Dio on Sitting In A Dream. It was his comeback performance after a two year absence. His hair is short and the good response inspired him to go back to touring.

Did anyone here manage to connect to the internet with their Amiga? :slight_smile:
I’m trying to do this for some while and might have finally got the connection to work, but I don’t have a working browser yet. My OS is WBClassic. Any recommendations?

I don’t have an Amiga but I understand NetSurf is available for it. I think it’s pretty decent, on Linux anyway.


Thanks, that one looks good. I don’t have Amiga OS4 yet, maybe I will give it a try.