Lftkryo turns his C64 into a theremin (with a spoon)

Do you know lftkryo?

He’s a genius: composer, musician, engineer, demoscene artist… a lot of retro stuff… you name it. He even makes demos on machines designed and built by him.

His latest video is about him turning his C64 into a theremin. Watch it, it’s not only informative but also funny!

… and then have also a look at his other crazy YouTube videos.


By the way… the guy also designed my pocket operator (a mini synthesizer):

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All I have to say is…wow. :rofl:

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He also created the Sixtyforgan, a device for the C64 that emulates the sound of a church organ:

And here is the technical video about how he designed the device, also containing more music.


I like it. It’s basically done with only a spoon, a clamp and two 555s.

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