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Live event with Ron Gilbert (In 3 hours!)

In case anyone missed!

Is anyone having issues getting to the event? I’m logged in with the account that bought the ticket, but it says that I don’t have access… Perhaps it’s just because I’m out early?

Oh shoot, forgot about this…
Hope you got in…

Yup! It’s great!

I really liked the demo of the tools like bile and spit and so on - first time I saw those in action. I hope to get my hands on these. Having the source code and tools makes it so much easier to do fan translations.

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Oh, what’s this all about?

It says the stream will be released for ticket owners so I guess it won’t be available for free in the near future? But now after the event you also can’t buy any tickets anymore… dang.

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We should wait for some time, then I’m sure it will be released for everyone.

Yes I agree with Zak, this will probably be available eventually.

I think the final question was mine! Although the host paraphrased it quite a bit.

all gone now…


Hey Sushi, you know this is unlisted, it is the link the paying customers got to watch the stream. :wink:

Yeah, I know… but then mix’n’mojo went and tweeted it…
Ok they removed it again, so I’ll do the same

Yeah, it’s kinda weird. They shouldn’t do it that way if they don’t want it to be shared…

A two-hour fireside chat with Ron Gilbert is public now. Check it out along with unused art, deleted scenes, and much much more at Video Game History Foundation:


Wow. I know it was posted yet somwhere around here, but thanks for reposting since I totally missed it.
Almost all rooms which where cut were erased for the good, but I really think that this perspective really rocks:


Link bookmarked, thank you!

Nice view indeed. Although, it isn’t clear that there is a path to the map overview of the island, which is probably the reason they changed the perspective, I guess.
This also explains the size of the fire, which is big in the final game, but scaled down by the engine.

That’s a brilliant observation. But, honestly, this background is so beautiful, I’d have found a solution for that. Even an awkward “to the island” (or whatever) sign would have done the job saving this piece of art.
I mean, the forest with the dripping leg is beautiful and moody, but I can see why they deleted it. Conversely, here we’re facing a definitely better sketch than the final version.

While it might prevent you from realizing that you can explore the island early on, it isn’t that critical after all, since you have to follow the shop keeper there. On the other hand, the game is designed to let the player choose the order of certain things to do and they made sure this fact is obvious to the player by changing that perspective.
It is even worth playing things in different orders, as the game reacts differently as well. For instance, there is an easy to miss but unique line of dialog when you buy the sword without learning about the swordmaster before that.

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ICYMI Ron mentions the basic premise of his Monkey Island 3 that he had in mind and how that would have constitued a trilogy.

Guybrush going to Hell to face Demon Pirate LeChuck

And there it is, your best shot at the actual (non banana related) secret of Monkey Island!

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IMHO the mood is much more “depressed” than the actual background. (But I like the “draft” version more too. :slight_smile: )

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