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Loving this right now


My dad has more trouble going down the stairs than up.


I guess that depends on the sort of leg/hip/etc issues. :man_shrugging:


Hey, stop going off-topic in an off-topic! :slight_smile:

Back to nitpicking:
It takes less effort (i.e. energy) to get from a higher potential to a lower one.
You can roll down or fall for instance. No one said you have to be alive when you arrive at the bottom.


@discourse Please make a new topic from Loving this right now about lifts.
Gffp is the only on-topic one I think (traitor! :slightly_smiling_face:).


Yes, going down stairs safely. It’s more of a vision thing. I’m glad he still sees something, anyway.


Kiiiiiiiinda thought that was a given, but that might just be me. :man_shrugging:


Vision? Oh!
I was more thinking about knees (or hip etc. like Milan said) are the problem.


Nope. Also no one said lift cabins need to be alive when they arrive. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wait, lift cabins are sentinent beings?

Oh wait, I think they were in Hitchhiker´s Guide until Marvin drove one of them to suicide… :robot:


You beat me to it :wink: Except I was going to add ‘in bubblewrap’, which would eliminate the state-of-living problem.


And it would make those fun PLOP noises! :boom:


That’s not a noise I associate with bubble wrap. That makes me think of… er… :flushed:


Suggestions for the topic name?

What about "Lifting this right now" :D

I can assure you for Germans this is the noise it makes.


Go ooooooooooon


I don´t think it´s off topic at all! I for one am loving this conversation right now! :grin:


Hm. I guess it isn’t quite as crisp as a ‘POP’. But not a ‘PLOP’. Maybe a ‘p-p-p-POP’ at best.

That too, if you’ve not eaten your bran.


You seem to imagine that kind of sound way to…er…moist.


And ‘plop’ isn’t?!

What are we talking about? I’d like to bail out now :sweat_smile:


Does that also make a plop sound?


More of a clumsy splash.