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Loving this right now



Okay I´m also in for going out now.


I was talking about me jumping out of a boat.

Did you misread ‘bail’? :thinking:

ARGH, it edited my post again! Let me quote, you interfering hag!


Yup, my mind was still elsewhere…


The definition from Merriam-Webster says “to fall, drop, or move suddenly with a sound like that of something dropping into water”.

But in German we’d say PLOP instead of POP. Like PLOP Music :laughing:


Oh I see, so Rocket Queen by Guns´n`Roses is plop music


Mm hm. Yeeep yep yep.


Oh great, now we also need a “Popping this right now” topic… :nauseated_face:



:point_up: This is her “trying to act mature but can´t really” expression, btw. :grin:

Hey, this is not a porn plop-site!

Once you go plop, you never can stop as that guy with the moustache on the crisps says…


Indeed. We prefer kabouter Wesley on this 'ere site.


There is nothing wrong with a little plopping!
Just don’t look up popping (pimples) videos…


Why isn’t there a bloody clipped version of Mr and Mrs Ploppy from Blackadder…





Yup, pretty much one of the most disgusting things I´ve ever seen.


How about this instead?


Haha :slight_smile: . My dear Nor, I’m on topic even on the off topic matter: first because I like the Herzog’s documentary right now, and second because it’s about the internet era and some sort of autonomous will of the net (Diskourse, ahem scounet, hmmpf this platform). :sunglasses:


A post cannot be in two topics, you are breaking the Internet!


This thread… :joy: :joy: :joy:


For some reason this is what I imagine a TV interview with @PiecesOfKate would look like.

Except that if she was on Colbert he´d probably hogtie her into talking about Lord Of The Rings and then a fight would ensue. :smiling_imp: