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Loving this right now


I shall watch this at home before I pass judgement :wink:


Which part exactly, this one? :grin:

“delicous runnner’s legs” :smile:


:laughing: Pretty much. As I´ve said before, she probably could play her in a movie.

You know, the TwP Forum movie. Based on our “lifes”.


Eheh. What do people know about what happens to us when we’re not connected?


I imagine most of us are stored in some kind of giant archive building like at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark.


Or maybe it’s the other way round.


Not entirely sure what that could means, but sounds interesting!




I’m so sorry.
– The Creator


Going back on-topic, wooo!

There’s a lot of thieff scumm out there but after getting over this that video is great to watch:
Over-engineering by Mark Rober (with one b):


These sales figures for TWP:


The Humble Store figures are so low because they don’t include a DRM free version. Otherwise they would probably cannibalize from the GOG and Steam (slightly) sales. The percentage is even lower.


I subscribed to his channel quite some time ago, but somehow I never get his new videos on my feed.

Instead, I keep getting notifications about videos added by a team playing in Japan’s second-tier football league.



Well, I subscribed to that team’s channel too, but Google should know better what I’m actually interested to. Either I give them too few personal data to better profile me, or they can’t do their job. Facebook, for example, keeps linking me the online store of the football team I hate the most, groups on veganism and groups of voters of the political party I hate the most.


I almost never get push notifications on my phone from google but when I do, it is for the weirdest most random shit I never expected!


I guess that’s the Google AI :man_shrugging:. It probably knows your taste better than you.

I’ve heard about this bell icon you have to click if you REALLY want to be “subscribed”.
I use RSS/Atom feeds so I’ve never ran into this problem, quite the contrary.


The YT subscriptions tab shows you all your stuff. It’s only the main page that is… weird.

The YT autoplay algorithm is bizarre. Half the time while I’m washing the dishes it tries to play stuff I’ve just watched, sometimes literally the previous video. So video A, video B, video A.


Turns out the world isn’t that bad at all. Some reactions were fake, not loving this (but I won’t make a new topic):


This years sales are quite fun.

There are a number of okayish to good games you can try out for a decent amount of money.