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Loving this right now


:gift: !


Wow, I’ve just realised that’s the whole of Blackadder in one box. I’m so old I forgot that’s possible now.


Yeah one series per disc and the christmas special!

It´s good to remember sometimes old shows and check if they´re out. Saves lots of space too!


Wondered if that one was on there :slightly_smiling_face: hang on is that the millennium one or Blackadder’s Christmas Carol?


Christmas Carol. Back and Forth seems to be the only thing missing.


That retro game plug and play thing has 200 games on it (many crap).


The name of the artist is Dariusz Zawadzki.


Are they console games?


It´s all sort of stuff really. Mostly they´re clones of Atari and very basic Nintendo games (such as Donkey Kong Jr. or Excitebike) it´s very basic NES looking super short arcade style stuff.

I also recognized Space Invaders, Centipede and a other few famous concepts.

I don´t think there is a single actual old game on there. The few that actually have copyrights have copyrights of 2004, 2005, 2008 etc.

The menu is dreadful as it has 8 games per page out of 200 and everytime you reset to the menu you are put on page 1, which makes going through the whole list a serious chore.

It was super cheap so I didn´t expect much, but they are a couple of fun ones on there.


I went for a walk this evening. I was horrified to find this:

For all I know, this is a warning sign of an impending doom by a certain tentacle.


Call the Meteor Police! :police_car:


I did! They said I should unlock the lab first. I don’t have a lab! I think.


Try pushing the goblin…no that´s not an euphemism!


For all I know, that’s the tail end of your very own driveway. :stuck_out_tongue:


It may be a seckrit one you have deleted your memory about. Try looking in the basement.




Now that’s… one… giant… head.

Hm, reminds me of a particular game, or two…


Does that make that the second or the third biggest head you´ve ever seen? :thinking:


Maybe they were all the same size.


Good point, maybe the lady on the movie poster is just in bad need of an oversized q-tip but is convinced there isn´t one to be found in the basement?