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Loving this right now


Epic Rap Battles of History. :star_struck:

They’ve been away for a while, but they’re finally returning to YouTube with a new season in Spring 2019. In the meantime, they’re uploading a video to their second channel every weekend.

Presenting: Flash In the Pan Hip Hop Conflicts of Nowadays!

Me and my friend went to see them live in Manchester a few years ago, and they were fantastic.


Weird… I’ve been to a McDonalds once or twice and I could’ve sworn they sold Pepsi instead of Coke. Or it tasted just as bad anyway.

I did enjoy the rap video, though.


Never! The only Pepsi place I can think of of the top of my hat at the moment is KFC.

Over here Afri Cola is getting more and more frequent again, why ever that is…


Taco Bell has Pepsi. They opened a location in Breda recently, and the food quality is phenomenal (for fast food).


Awwww, the envy is great with this one!

We still don´t have a single one in germany and I’d love to try them out sometime.


If I recall correctly there are half a dozen or more in Germany, albeit possibly not accessible to German citizens since they are affiliated with American army bases.

Breda isn’t too far from here, but it’s a once or twice a year if we happen to be in or near Breda central around dinner time kind of thing.

Also what’s excellent, or perhaps just a sign of the times, is that various hidden menu items like cheese quesadillas and black beans instead of meat are well advertised options in the Netherlands.

I never understood why Americans often like to disparage Taco Bell. Sure, it’s fast food Tex-Mex and plenty of their menu items are somewhat questionable, but if you choose well you can eat rather significantly better than at a place like McDonald’s or Burger King for much less money.

The biggest problem they had in the US compared to the Netherlands, at least a decade ago, is that what I consider their best menu items were hidden. Cheese quesadilla, refried beans quesadilla, bean burrito, various other menu items with black beans instead of meh beef or chicken (but no worse than the at least as meh beef or chicken at McDonald’s!).

That being said, I’ve eaten at half a dozen or so US Taco Bells and my wife’s favorite was clearly significantly better for some reason, so a lot of your perception depends on the franchise holder.

What I also thought was really interesting was that the employees at the Breda Taco Bell seemed really happy. Not in that fake American way, but in the genuine Dutch way. I think I’ve never seen happy McDonald’s employees.

A menu item unique to the Netherlands is “Mexican fries.” They’re quite good.


Exactly. I think I even know of the existance of one somewhere in the bavarian forest.

When I think of Pizza Hut I also think of fast food. But that´s not exactly true. At least not for the one in munich I´ve been to. The prices are too high for fast food, they have table waiters and good dishes, silverware and glasses. And it´s actually pretty good.


Here in Belgium Pizza Huts seem to be more or less paired with some chain called Lunch Garden. They’re often located next to or near each other.


Depends on the Pizza Hut. We have several Pizza Hut “restaurants” around here: In some of them you can eat like you described it, in some others you can only get a piece of a pizza on a cardboard plate. In the last case the “restaurant” looks like a McDonald’s or a Burger King.


With a big chain like that it would have surprised me if all those were like that. The one where I was at in Munich is directly opposite the BMW building and has all the traits of a proper restaurant.


Yes, same here in my city. But especially the Pizza Huts at/in train stations are more like McDonald’s.


We have just smaller McDonald´s instead. We don´t really have that much franchises here. We got several McDonald´s only one Burger King at the train station, a KFC, a few subways and I think that´s about it. No Starbucks and possibly one Dunkin Donuts soon.


No loss there. The coffee is probably the best thing they sell at McDonald’s though! :stuck_out_tongue:


I´m okay with the McDonald´s we have. Especially since the addition of McCafe and the new ordering/service system where you order on a touchscreen, the ingredients are freshly combined (at least that´s what they say) and you are brought your order to your seat.


In other news: the art of making over 30 years old games exciting again


I haven’t been in a Micky D’s in years . Those screens definitely tempted my curiosity though, when I first spotted them a few years ago. The “problem” is they’ve got nothing I want. For example, I find their cheeseburger mostly acceptable but it’s hardly something I’d have sought out even when I ate meat regularly.

Whatever salad they had a decade ago also wasn’t half bad, at least if you skipped their dressing.


Yes, this is real, you can actually buy this:




It seems like we’ve come across a trend here:

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :exploding_head:


What’s going on today? First the unicorns, now this: