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Loving this right now


I’ve battled for years with people that lived with me for a proper use of the toilet (flushing down food waste, objects for personal care, cotton swabs…) :confounded:

What a crappy talk


I’m so lucky! :rofl:


Please, be kind and share this revenue with all of us! :rofl:


The best spam mail I ever received was from a German countess.

Unfortunately I can’t access the money unless you first wire me € 100,000. :angel:


Oh wow, this is turning into a pyramid scheme now! :link::link::link:


Was it this one?



Do I spot a mild obsession here? :stuck_out_tongue:


Nah, just a very very easy target! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes, I’m her only remaining living relative. All I have to do is pay € 10,000 or so for some formalities. :slight_smile:


Do it! :smiley:


Alas, I lost her e-mail years ago. I can probably recreate it from memory if you pay me € 1,000 or so. That should cover about a week of research and writing. :slight_smile:


Can you loan me 1.000 Euros? :thinking:


This reminds me of a really funny youtube spiral I went on about replying to spam.


Another new painting on the wall!


And something for @PiecesOfKate! :grin:

Ever had one of these?


The name of the artist is De Es Schwertberger.


Your quote wasn’t edited out?


No because there was another post in between. They only get edited out, when it´s a full quote that directly follows the post it quotes.

Edit: Ironically it hasn´t happened now for some reason. But it may be in a few months from now. :joy:


No Fritz-Kola?

Yes, that was a decade ago before we all switched to ribbons :wink: my Office quote for today

You are doing it again, breaking the Internetz!


Not in restraurants that I know of.

@tasse-tee has infected me! :open_mouth: