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Mickey Mouse story inspired by Monkey Island 2


Here it is. I have all the page scans of the story.
I’m translating all the pages in english, but it takes time.
There are 21 scans, little by little I will translate all of them.

Meanwhile, here is a sneak peak.
More pages are coming in the next days.
Please be patient, thank you!


New adventure game out: Detective Gallo

Great! Those comics bring back a lot of memories from my childhood.

And btw: happy TWP-forum-anniversary Zak!


Seriously, what’s with Italian Disney authors and Monkey Island?!?


Fettuccini circus??
Mickey mouse saying: “there’s only that door”??
Do you have the author’s names?

It’s a lot of years since I’ve read Topolino last time. I think the picture you posted is from a recent issue, judging from the colours and shape of the garbage cans. I’d say… not over 10 years ago.


I took it from Three headed monkey posting, I have no idea where it comes from.


page 3/21

People, come back!

Page 4/21


Have you photoshopped the text in the comic? Because it looks like that this is the original. :slight_smile:


I photoshopped every page, but it takes me longer than expected, about half an hour per page.


Thank you for making the effort! It looks great so far :smiley:


Unfortunately, I realized that I don’t have so much time to edit the pages, because most of my spare time is currently dedicated to the main project, the TPW dubbing, and the rest to other extra-game activites.

So, I just decided to put here all the remaining scans, in italian.

If there is a kind soul which can translate them for our non-italian friends, it would be great, for the community.

The rest of the story (italian)


OK, updated the previous post, now the story is complete.