Microprose Point and Click Adventures

Did you play them? I played Rex Nebula but did not finish it. But Dragonsphere and return of the phantom I did and they were great point and clicks. The only difference for me that I only played them once and that was it unlike LucasFilm/Arts ones. It was good times but right after those industry changed so much.


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No, I didn’t, but now I’m intrigued. I see these on GOG:

$1.50 each right now, I’m going to get them.

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I heard of Dragonsphere but I’ve never played it. I don’t like very much the games set in medieval times.

I never heard of “Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender” but it has an awesome title.

Almost as good as:

Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X!

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The name is the best thing of this game. :wink:

Regarding Rex Nebular and Dragonshere: I know the games, but I have never played them. So if someone did: Please report! :slight_smile:

Rex I did not play enough and comment but Dragonsphere and Return of the Phantom are good!! My memories are fading it has been more than 20 years since I played them but I remember enjoying them. The verb and inventory system is very similar to Lucas games.

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I got both dragonsphere and rex. First impact: Dragonsphere looks like a masterpiece. Very promising. The first few locations are so detailed, so full of objects, the descriptions are so long (not that I read them :)). and it looks huge. And I like the UI a lot (no “use” verb, and many verbs, some of which context sensitive.) I am also optimistic because a fantasy world allows good puzzle logic. Add that I love that graphic style and the fantasy atmosphere. Add the sensation of challenge of an evil wizard to defeat. I am sure I will change my mind, as usual, but for now my attitude is the usual “best game ever”.


Why Return of the Phantom being neglected? LOL

It does actually look interesting, but I never played it, and I can’t buy that one on GOG.com for some reason.

It’s not there… At least I can’t find the game.

In the meantime, first problems with Dragonsphere… I managed to do very little. either the puzzles are incredibly unfair, or I am incredibly stupid. A quick glance at a walkthrough suggests I needed to push an object that is exactly like many others, and which I had no reason to push. I don’t want to read again… trying not to cheat. With so many selectable objects, it was crucial that the game did not require you to do illogical actions, but unfortunately it seems it does…

Oh!, I originally thought you were referring to the text adventure. Then I noticed the “2”. I didn’t realize they made a sequel, which was a ‘point and click’, or maybe it’s more accurately called a ‘graphic’ adventure. The text adventure was fun, but I suspect this one wasn’t as good, but now I’ll need to look into it. :slight_smile:

I got and played Rex when it came out – I was just a kid, but even I could tell it was a sub-par Larry clone set in space. Never finished it – I got to a point where I had no idea what I was even supposed to do and quit out of boredom.

Phantom I also got and played when it released – THAT was an awesome game, though short. I like how it matched up parts to the original book but then deviated into something new and fun. It scared me at the time, though not a horror game, but it was effective in setting an eerie tone.

I tried Dragonsphere a few years ago and liked what I played. But Phantom will always be my fave of the Microprose PnC adventures.

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Just played through Phantom again – took about an hour and a half. Doesn’t hold up terribly well – the maze puzzle is a bit bothersome, and everything felt a bit … cheap? I can see why I liked it back in the day (I was a kid, and given the non-existence of the indie scene and the fact that lots of time passed between adventure game releases, I’d take any third-person PnC adventure I could, especially ones modeled after the SCUMM system), but if the game released today, it’d get lots of complaints for its short length, lack of depth in characters (why on earth does Degas appear?) and overall rushed feel, like they ran out of budget pretty early.

Still, worth a play for anyone interested in classic PnC adventures. I definitely still think it holds up well to Rex Nebular, though I never finished Dragonsphere, so I’m not sure how those two compare in the end. One thing’s for sure, though: I remember totally digging the lifelike animations Microprose had in its games. They were pretty cutting-edge for the time.

The second part is not a good adventure. It has only very few puzzles and a complete weird and simple story.

But LGOP1 is really fun. :slight_smile: