Monkey Island 2 Amiga Rolling Demo

There are some screenshots on Moby Games from the Amiga Rolling Demo of MI2. One notable thing about them is that they have the verb interface from MI1, combined with the icon inventory of MI2:



Somehow, this interface looks really cool to me, much better than the more stylisch final 9 verbs interface, and it’s my secret dream to be able to use it one day in the fan-made Ultimate Edition of MI2. :smiley:

But on a more realistic note, is this Amiga demo available somehwere? I couldn’t find it, not even a play through of it on Youtube. Downloadable MI2 demos are only the DOS version, which already has the final verb interface.


Those are the pre-release screenshots. The first one of them even says so. It’s the 256 color version. The Amiga version only uses 32 colors. Why they titled them “Amiga Rolling Demo”, I have no idea. That is obviously wrong.

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Oh, I see. Thanks for the explanation! That makes sense.

So I take it that we only have screenshots, but no early version / demo of the game that looks like that? Pity.