Monkey Island Fan translation

@Sushi I got msg from my friend saying:

You’ll need to edit the font graphics, then use the ASCII code in the text, like ^62 or \x62. I don’t know the exact steps though.

I think ScummBR have translated some old LucasArts games into Brazillian Portuguese, and wrote tools to edit SCUMM games. They could help.

That’s what I do/did, yes:
Using scummrp and scummfont, I was able to extract the font graphics.
Then I changed them, added something in an unused position and reimported them into the game using the same tools.
Finally, using scummtr - you just use the position in the font graphics, for example \x3A for whatever character you have drawn at position 58. Alternatively you can also replace a character you do not need, like { or so, to keep your code in a more readable form. I prefer using the actual characters with diacritics first and then run a quick script to substitute everything before importing the file back into the game.

Unfortunately, whatever worked nicely for Loom doesn’t work for Monkey Island. So far at least- I am sure it is something stupid I am overlooking.

By the way: scummeditor does not display fonts or allows editing them (afaik - will try tonight). But I am using exactly that tool to replace backgrounds with text that needs translating.

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Finally some progress has been made.
I just changed the letter a. Look at all those diacritics!


I turned out I assumed scummfont would overwrite an existing file, which it doesn’t.
I told you it must be something stupid I was overlooking.

here is how to do it
# How to change fonts in MI
# Step 1: copy the original game in a folder called ./MI
# Step 2: install scummtr, scummrp and scummfont tools

# unpack the game files
./scummrp.exe -g monkeycd -p ./MI -d dump_MI -o

# extract the font bitmaps
./scummfont.exe o ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0001 char_0001.bmp 
./scummfont.exe o ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0002 char_0002.bmp 
./scummfont.exe o ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0003 char_0003.bmp 
./scummfont.exe o ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0004 char_0004.bmp 
./scummfont.exe o ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0006 char_0006.bmp 

# edit the bmp files using photoshop (I assume you save using the same filename)
# CHAR_0001 is used for the sentence line and dialog
# CHAR_0002 is used for the on screen text
# CHAR_0003 is for the upside down text
# CHAR_0004 is used for the title screen/credits text
# CHAR_0006 is used for the VERB UI

# reimport the modified bitmaps
./scummfont.exe i ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0001 char_0001.bmp 
./scummfont.exe i ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0002 char_0002.bmp 
./scummfont.exe i ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0003 char_0003.bmp 
./scummfont.exe i ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0004 char_0004.bmp 
./scummfont.exe i ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0006 char_0006.bmp 

# move the files, as scummfont is conservative and only creates a CHARxxx-new instead of overwriting
mv ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0001-new ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0001
mv ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0002-new ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0002
mv ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0003-new ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0003
mv ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0004-new ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0004
mv ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0006-new ./dump_MI/DISK_0001/LECF/LFLF_0010/CHAR_0006

# repack the game files
./scummrp.exe -g monkeycd -p ./MI -d dump_MI -i
and this is how you can translate the text
# How to change text in MI
# extract the text
./scummtr.exe -g monkeycd -p ./MI -of orig.txt

# use a SIMPLE text editor to create the new.txt based on the orig.txt 

# import the new text
./scummtr.exe -g monkeycd -p ./MI -if new.txt

Well, there’s a bit more to it - but I’ll let you figure that out for yourself. :slight_smile:


Cool, my text is already translated…i just want to add diacritics with all fonts.
If you can send me the image that needs to be edited, I will update it and then you can import it back for me?

Did you see those detailed commands I wrote down? That’s really all there is to it. If you have an issue with understanding or running one of these steps, I can help you out.
But I can’t send you back a modified monkey.001 file - for piracy reasons.

If you want to release it one day: create a patch (Lunar IPS patcher works like a charm) and only distribute that patch.

I guess you also replace the title screen and acts and all the other rooms with background text using scummeditor anyway?

The Ultimate Translated Talkie Edition will be available in a few weeks!
Porting it over wasn’t too difficult. Except that a lot of lines are in different places so I had to reshuffle things a LOT. So then I started playtesting and correcting and improving the first translation (also based on feedback of our son who couldn’t beat the swordmaster). We didn’t have time to test (a lot) back last year as we were in a rush to get it in time for Christmas. That version is demo at most according to my standards.

Luckily, @tasse-tee started playing MI a few months ago and I could playtest at more or less the same pace and be her hintline (trying all different dialogues and order to the puzzle solving - man, there are a lot more than you might have ever suspected!! - to check every reaction in context).
This is almost completed now, I still need to go back to a few bits but I’d say it is more than 95% playtested overall.

One of the things I still need to check are the modified images. In the Ultimate Talkie Edition, some of them got distorted because of the colour palette - I know how to fix that but I honestly forgot if I did it in all places and cross-checked them. One last speedrun should be enough to cover all that.

After that I might backport the translation to the original non-talkie version again (not as simple as it sounds). Then again, not sure who’d be interested in that version.
Plus Zak is waiting to be translated too!


I have a request to the ones out there who played a German, Italian or French version of Zak McKracken.

What are the 3 jokes told by the biplane pilot ?

What does the Caponian sing in the second cutscene?

@Someone @ZakPhoenixMcKracken


    • Y´know why this is called a biplane?
    • Cuz ya never know if it´s coming back!
    • What do biplanes have in common with
    • They both have to be “propped up”!
    • Heard about our basketball team for
      small people?
    • They´re called the “Bermuda Shorts”!


    • Weißt du, warum ich Doppeldecker fliege?
    • “Doppelt gedeckt fliegt besser.”
    • Do you know why I fly biplane (double-plane)?
    • “Double planed flies better.” (comes from: “Doppelt hält besser.”, “Two are better than one.”)
    • Warum war der Doppeldecker hier ein
      günstiges Sonderangebot?
    • Zwei Tragflächen für den Preis von
    • Why was this biplane a cheap special offer?
    • Two planes for the price of one!
    • Hast du schon von unserem Basketball-
      Team für kleine Leute gehört?
    • Das Team heißt “Bermuda Shorts”!
      Translation (very similar to the English version):
    • Did you hear about our basketball team for small people?
    • The team is called “Bermuda Shorts”!


    • Quante lettere maiuscole dell`alfabeto
      possono essere scritte capovolte?
    • Tutta…perchè no!
      Google translation:
    • How many capital letters of the alphabet can be written upside down?
    • All… why not!
    • Sai dirmi quali sono le uniche direzioni
      che una bussola non può indicare?
    • Su e giu naturalmente!
      Google translation:
    • Can you tell me what are the only directions that a compass cannot indicate?
    • Up and down of course!
    • A prescindere dalle forma o dalla
      dimensione, quanti lati ha una bolla?
    • Due: interno ed esterno!
      Google translation:
    • Regardless of shape or size, how many sides does a bubble have?
    • Two: inside and outside!


    • Savez-vous pourquoi ceci s`appelle un
    • Parce que vous ne savez jamais s`il
      Google translation:
    • Do you know why this is called a biplane?
    • Because you never know if he will come back!
    • Qu`ont les biplans en commun avec les
    • Ils doivent tous les deux être
      Google translation:
    • What do biplanes have in common with drunkards?
    • They must both be “supported”!
    • Avez-vous entendu parler de notre équipe
      de basket pour les petits?
    • Ils s`appellent les “Bermudas”!
      Google translation:
    • Have you heard of our little basketball team?
    • They are called “Bermudas”!





It happens typically when you are at/around the cave in Seattle, if that is what you go for first -picking up only the bare necessities- so around 10 minutes into the game

Those Italian jokes are … weird.

So far I came up with:

  1. What is the difference between a biplane and a boomerang?
    You’re sure you will see the boomerang again./ At least you’re sure the boomerang will return.
  2. What do biplanes and drunks have in common?
    They both can’t fly straight.
  3. same - about the Bermuda Shorts

It turns out it’s actually triggered by a timer which starts when arriving in Seattle the first time. I.e. it’s enough to stay at the airport and just wait.

Btw. good thing the placing of the verbs is very similar between the different languages, I can navigate the Italian version just using muscle memory!

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You are simply the best! I hadn’t the time to answer! :grin::grin::grin:

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Yes it’s the same in all languages because it’s a mix of Elvis Songs.


Btw. I made it a Wiki post so the English translation can be updated. The Google translation isn’t that bad because it makes sense at least, but the first one has a grammar error.

I don’t know, the other ones aren’t that much better either :slight_smile:

Btw. can somebody explain me the first English joke?

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Because you pronounce biplane as “bye plane”, which is both very fitting for a tour in the Bermuda Triangle and renders that joke near untranslatable.

As I am (over)explaining jokes, I also realised yesterday that the Guru’s last name is a Lady Mondegreen on the golf term “Hole in one”

No idea what the greatest hit of Razor and the Scummettes is supposed to be though…


Oh I see!

In case not everyone can remember his name: Guru Swami Hollawanda

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I’ve “found” one…

Actually, it is Holanwanda

and the Shaman’s name is
No more slicin’, man


@David, do you remember if there is any meaning behind the title of their song “Inda Glop Oda Krell” ?