Monkey Island question in Slovak TV quiz show Duel (March 7 2019)

Unfortunately both contestants were totally clueless. :roll_eyes:


No wait, Piano Player?
Damn, what is the answer?

Here is a “faithful” translation:

Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck and Elaine Marley are starring in a game with a famous puzzle featuring a Monkey …

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True story: when you create a wonderful game, but the thing getting famous is its biggest flaw. :ransome:

Soo… you don’t like Johnny Depp? :laughing:

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Well, Nor_Treblig’s translation of the question is not that accurate… =)

BTW Slovak translation of “monkey wrench” is “francúzský kľúč”, Czech “francouzský klíč” and Polish “klucz francuski” - all that literally means “French wrench” or “French key”.

To make it even more confusing, in Czech it is usually abbreviated as “francouzák” which is also used as an abbreviation for “French kiss”. (Hilarity ensues!)

In German "Franzose" (Frenchman) is a slightly different tool though.

We talked on the blog about other languages a little bit.

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Yeah, I have noticed that Germans differentiate “Franzose” and “Engländer” but we are not so picky and both these tools are called “francouzák”. =)

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Ne vsichni hrajou adventury z 90tych :slight_smile:

Well well well, let me destroy this argument:



Since I tested the ESRGAN lately and it worked pretty well, we can do CMI update :slight_smile:

U té paní mě to až tak nepřekvapilo, ale druhý soutěžící byl chlapík v brýlích kolem čtyřicítky, do kterého jsem vkládal větší naděje… =)

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I thought you had come to the conclusion it would have been too complicated to rescale all sprites, variables and coordinates…?

i didnt see any DM about somebody was even trying to…

I tried… but I gave up before sending a DM :slight_smile:
I also wondered with the huge filesizes of the upscaled graphics, it’d be a helluva patch to distribute.

We are talking about a bunch of still images, I don’t see a problem… unless Patrik plans to upscale all the videos to 8K… (well, there aren’t that many cutscenes either, so shouldn’t be a problem either, remember: it’s not 1987 anymore with those wimpy modems).

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Well in some parts of Germany… chchchchchchchchchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Use floppy disks as cache so you don’t have to download the same files every time!

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I wont do any videos, just images… and its gonna be 4x upscale with a great quality