Monkey Island Special Editions on iOS - Still useable?

I bought Monkey Island SE and Monkey Island 2 SE for iOS when they were released.
I know Disney retired support in 2014 (Why can’t they simply admit they didn’t earn enough money with it and have to state that it was a difficult decision instead which is hardly believable?) and both apps were removed from the appstore in 2015.
Some pages claim that these apps can still be downloaded in the purchases section of the appstore if you already bought them, but I can’t find them there. Furthermore these apps are still 32bit and wont run on the upcoming iOS 11.
So what can be done? My initial plan was to reactivate an old iPad 1 with iOS 5.1.1 for the games, but if they are not available any longer this won’t help.
So is there any way to access the games and play them? If not, can I ask apple or disney to refund the games? Surely not beacause they are no longer supported, but because I bought them and they deleted them from the store?
Thanks for any help and advices!


Hey, there is a way to get it working. I did it but was dreaming of having it working on my new iPad so found this post and can help. You need to install iTunes a veriant of iTunes that will install over newer ones and still has the app section for backing up and installing apps. It will mean you iTunes library is unreadable if you had a newer version so I installed it on my laptop where I back up mine and friends iOS devices and did not install on my media iMac where my main library sits. Then you can import any back ups of the Money Island 1 and 2 apps you might have in your iTunes folder, if you do not have them still I do and PM me and I will send to you the files via dropbox or google drive what ever better. You need to own them but you say you do, and then iTunes will let you install those apps if you have bought them onto any iPad you connect to the computer that version of iTunes is on. I got all my 32 bit apps over to my iPad 2 so I could update my iPad Pro to play Civ VI on it. Neat to still have them but iPad 2 is quite slow so sad to see that is my only way to play right now. Still hope it helps. Any more info needed PM me.

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I’m in the same boat. Just having iOS 11 now and wish the game would at least load, even with non retina gfx, less jokes and less spit. I did buy the game and now the devs (and/or Apple) “unbought” it from me. Wish I could at least have my money back. Or at least a fluffy three headed monkey. There must be a clause in some agreement about that.

Apple is the first to blame. They get more and more extreme in a model where it feels you are just renting a device rather than owning it. Including all software. I didn’t know iTunes stopped backing up apps too. Luckily I still have an old version.
So as far as Apple is concerned: keep an old device at hand for playing MI on it and buy a new one for new stuff.

The devs don’t exist as such. (Well they do, but Disney isn’t going to spend money in getting it out as 64-bit app). And if they do, they might call it the super edition or something and charge you again for it.

In general, we need GOG on apple devices.

I’d be interested to hear Apple’s answer on it. Probably they have some clauses in that user agreement you clicked ok on when installing a newer iOS. (Which they conveniently keep pushing down people’s throats).

It is sad, really.

Why more and more? :slight_smile: That is the case already (you only own the device).