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Sections for other languages?

The title says it all.

The are a lot of people who don’t know English but still loved (or will love, or will need to discuss) Thimbleweed Park thanks to it being translated in their language.

Would it be possible to create language-specific sections where non-English speakers can discuss the game? I mean - you could of course start a topic in Italian, but Italians would never log in to such a forum if they see that everywhere everything is in English

My dear Guga, just thinking that if the team say yes, then they’ll have to moderate posts in other languages and, even if they are smart people, I don’t know if they understand and speak fluently Italian, German, Spanish, French or Russian (just to say the official languages of the game, but there could be others), and if they have time (!) to do that.
So maybe they could give the achievement of mod to people of their trust who speak that language.
Just think if Ron and David choose Octavi as a mod for an hypothetic spanish section: all the other users could complain for the choise 'cause maybe there aren’t available or sufficiently trusted persons that speak their other languages…
There are a lot of pitchforks in the closet… Eheheh

Maybe we could turn your hint in a section for external group of fan, based on languages and also on other common interests about adventure games like graphic art, programming, fan dubs…
So the team wouldn’t have the responsibility for what they write becasue they are totally external groups.
In any case here’s the link for our italian Thimbleweed Park group on telegram

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