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More Specific Voice Actor Credits


If I close my eyes while listening to this video, I can hear the Ransome’s voice:
“My *beeping* name is Goku and I live here. Now, *beep* you and leave us alone!”


No idea, I didn’t see either of these.
It felt like a mix between Toy Story3, an American Pie/Porky movie and a Barbie princess movie. And beware that most TWP actor have quite small parts in it. My advice would be to watch the end credits before watching the movie, so you don’t have to watch it twice because you missed 90% of who did what.


Plus it is easier to remember the roles of the characters than their names (at least for me). Otherwise @PiecesOfKate wouldn’t turn that into a quiz-question.


Yup, I keep forgetting the name of annoying kid in the hotel.


That’s his name. Annoying. Kid. It used to be annoying kid #2, but Ron had to cut one.


Oh my! Was it that annoying?:fearful:


Great Thread. Thanks for all this information.


I’m trying to figure out who does the help line voice. I know I’ve heard it before. Thanks!


It’s the voice that comes with the Mac.