Uncredited and Shared Voice actors

Except all the playable characters the voice actors are uncredited. If you know or recognise any of them, or even if you are one of them, please share here!

Also I think I read somewhere that in a few cases some characters share the same voice actor (and this does not include the sherrif/coroner/hotel manager, because they might be the same person).

I have noticed one so far. I´m pretty sure that Willie and Carney Joe share the same voice actor (gag me with a spoon, if that´s wrong!). Also I think I´ve heard either Rickie Lee or Ray´s voice (can´t remember which one) on an in game service line. Also I´m pretty sure the voice actress who does Sandy appears on least one other occasion.

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The “victim” reminded me of the german tourist in Sam and Max: They stole Max’s brain

I think that’s Boris, who did the German translations. I remember him saying to Ron, ‘thanks for letting me be your Laura Palmer’ :slight_smile:

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The “victim” Boris is voiced by Gunnar Bergmann.

He’s also listed in the credits.


That was Majus! https://mariuswinter.itch.io