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Part 2 - can't distract Natalie

Hi, I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m just doing something wrong. I’m on casual, and when I have to distract Natalie away from Nickel News using the phrase she wants, the phrase itself doesn’t appear as an option (woman by the mansion with suspiscious animal), it’s just a bunch of other random options.
On the other hand, I thought it may be because I still don’t have the coin for the copy machine, but I threw away all objects including the ones I think I could sell to Leonard. He won’t take the scotch.
I’m really frustrated because it’s my first palythrough, I thought I was doing something wrong so I looked everywhere and didn’t find nor a solution nor an advice that I’m mislead. Thanks!

Which ones? Can you speak again to Natalie and post the available options?

Of course, Natalie is waiting for a scoop involving, in your case

  • a woman
  • a mansion
  • a suspicious animal

On the other part of the radio, the other options are random, but not too much.
Try to read the options again, until you can figure out how to match with Natalie’s expectations.

If my explanation didn’t satisfy your needs, try to dial the number 4468.

Hint: on casual mode, you don’t need it.

You should be more careful and/or use the spoiler tags. You gave burnside38 a lot of hints already. :slight_smile:

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The options aren´t verbatim the same but paraphrased. Hanging out by the river may translate to lollygagging near a body of water, mexican headwear might translate to sombrero etc.

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