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Suggestions for new badges


In this thread I would like to collect some suggestions for new (maybe TWP related) Discourse badges.

We have already collected in this thread:

  • Policeman :policeman: flagged 100 posts in a day!
  • Specks of Dust badge, when you’ve used a certain number of full stops over time!

Volvo builds a self-docking yacht
Volvo builds a self-docking yacht

Ransome badge :ransome: Offend 10 users in 5 posts


:ray: badge - React with either Meh or a sarcastic remark to every post for 100 days


:reyes: badge - for taking notes on 100 posts (quoting them)


:franklin: badge - for…you know…reluctance. (Having a certain “being tagged” > “replying to those posts” ratio)


but only in your first 30 days, before reaching the regular status…/while you’re still a newbie


:delores: badge that only @calypso can get after she shut down this place for good.


Madame Morena badge :crystal_ball:
For posting the same as another user within 1 second at least 10 times (mind reading and clearvoyance)
For successfully performing 5 Voodoo rituals involving other forum users.


:delores: badge for starting 50 topics on MmucusFlem LucasFilm games


Do you think @tasse-tee has used the love bomb?


I’ve done that already! Well, obviously I wasn’t very successful …


Level 2: Irate Kate
Level 3: Wait, Kate!! :scream: :skull_and_crossbones:


See… that’s two totally different ways to look at it.
not surprised though…
luckily I have my black cat bone and my John the Conqueror root.


Level 4 PiecesOfHate!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Beware of that root, though. I hear all it does is have you conquer the John a lot.


Oh no, you’ve discovered my secret :dizzy_face:
My “natural likeability” is a lie!!


Level 4: I know what you did in the past tense.


:thinking: irate ?
(oh that actually exists…new word of the day!)

So level 1.5: irritate Kate


You mean you are like this? :open_mouth:


Unlike the others, I did not hit like to that message…