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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Now that you taught me it exists, I need it. I wil play this new game until I’ll find the “perfect red score”. This is how I behaved on my second try:

Pretty good. Can anyone do better (before my battery dies)?


Try these:

Cannibal Holocaust
Men Behind The Sun
Beyond The Darkness
Pink Flamingos
The Beyond
Faces Of Death
Violent Shit
A Serbian Film

You made a good pick, though! :+1:



“Haunted”, that six part docu drama on Netflix has got to be one of the more depressing things I´ve seen lately. :neutral_face:

I mean, geez! Ghosts have got to be the least problem some of these people have!


Oh, been wondering about that. Thought it’d be useful having a half-hour thing on standby. I’ll let you know if I watch it.


And also as a partime satanist, I find their extremly one sided view of devilworshippers highly offensive. :smirk:


Since I know that @PiecesOfKate is watching Orange Is The New Black and I don´t want to be the bearer of bad news I hope you know it already. :neutral_face:


I do indeed. I’m not that sad though – I feel like it’s almost run its course, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be yet another series that gets dragged out unnecessarily.


That´s good. I don´t know many shows that have much to tell and keep a momentum with the same characters for 7+ seasons.


Indeed. Especially when they’re set in (more or less) the same place for all that time. It becomes a bit like watching a soap.


Of course the setting in a prison or a bar leave revolving doors for the introduction of new characters. That feels a bit more natural than some shows that concern themselves with a certain group of characters like Friends or Seinfeld where the characters had to be really promiscuous for that purpose(I mean just count the number of dates of some of these people!).


I liked that Skins (which I watched a long time ago) had the guts to completely clear out its characters each season (keeping only one or two regulars, if that). Set in a school that made sense, but still unusual.

Mind you they were all promiscuous as crap regardless.


Just watched first episode of Haunting of Hill House. Well I won’t be sleeping tonight!

Seriously though, it was good. I like the characters and the way it dips in and out of the past. Looking forward to more.

Also, guest appearance by Annabeth Gish (Agent Reyes in Thimbleweed Park The X-Files)!


Yeah, I meant to mention that actually.

At first I was a bit confused that Henry Thomas and Timothy Hutton share a role since I can´t remember ever having seen that before where a grown up character was played by two guys who were only ten years apart. But it works surprisingly well in this case.

It´s a good show and gets less jumpy as it goes on (and actually a bit more disturbing, especially due to the real world problems that get more and more important as it goes on).


I got a bit confused about the number of sisters, as there seemed to be more in the present than the past… then realised one of them isn’t one of the sisters(?) After that I concentrated more and stopped looking at the forum :wink:


Actually one of them looks so much alike in their adult and childform that I thought maybe that was her real life daughter, but it doesn´t seem so after looking it up. That´s some great casting!


Yeah I thought the same with the guys too!


Yeah, but especially those two were a great match, I think:


Ooh, chills!


I got 2 more episodes of Lore tonight. That is a really good show based on true stories. Haunted on the other hand sucked. Those people need better help than reinforcement of their supernatural believes on a TV show.


Maniac. Is. Bonkers.

I’m quite enjoying it :smile: