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Our first cat was there already.


So you grew up among them just like with people. Certainly explains why feel so close to them.

Any negative memories?


I guess so.

Only pretty standard ones like having them put down and that sort of thing. And one of our kittens died of feline influenza, that was horrible.


Did you ever have feelings of guilt? Because I know I had once because I had mice and one mouse I watched dying right in front of me (stretching its whole body in pain, shaking and then finally lying still) and after that I had to go to school. I felt terrible because I thought I didn´t care enough for the little guy.



No I don’t think so. But I’ll think about it a bit more.


I´m not really going in any particular direction with this btw. But maybe you can sort it all out a bit easier when you think about it. :slight_smile:


I know :slightly_smiling_face: it’s interesting thinking about it.


Well you can always tell me, when something comes to mind.

I see this is all the time we have for today. Please see Denise at the front desk for the next appointment. :couch_and_lamp:


Okay, thanks Doc.

I hate Denise. She eats all the mint imperials.


I´ll be sure to tell her until next time.

I happen to have some caramel candy on me, if you´d like one?


Sure. Though I’d prefer some of that opium.


I told you once, I told you twice. We keep that for “special occasions”. I cannot drive down to Chinatown to get new supplies everytime you feel a little uneasy.


Fine! I’ll get a new shrink! Watch me LEAVE!

*slams door*

*opens door, walks outside*

*slams door*



Every week it´s the same.

But in the end they aaaaall come back for the :pill: I can :spiral_notepad:



I´m really not sure how we ended up here, but I actually read all my lines with Kelsey Grammer´s voice in my head.


Oh I read them in your voice, but reading them back in his is enjoyable too :smile:

Hey look :telescope: there’s the original topic, out at sea.


Lucky for you, you have enough samples to do that!

Yeah, I think I will watch the remaining 5 episodes of The Haunting before I write a bit more about it.

But it is really interesting that it seems more about the psychology of the children in their grown up years having to cope with the experience of having once lived in a ghost house. That turned out to be different and more original than I would have expected this to be.


I think I was expecting that because I read it in a review. But yeah, refreshing.


Just watched the second episode of Maniac and really liked it. It pieced some stuff together from the first episode and I can see why they did it like that now.

The video they watch at the start of the clinical trial was hilarious.

And by really weird coincidence, Annie’s sister is played by an actress who has a minor part in The Americans, which we’ve been watching alongside this.


Why I dislike the Conjuring Films:

They are about basic black and white good vs evil stuff. They are about spectacle and essentially seem to be there to portrait Ed and Lorraine Warren in a much better light than they deserve. In real life they were hoaxters who abused families who were at their worst and most desperate for their own personal gain. Ed Warren even admitted that shortly before his passing. I bet Lorraine loves those Conjuring films because they portrait them as saints. True selfless humanitarians who love nothing more than help people and let good prevail.

Why I liked The Haunting Of Hill House:

Like the best ghost and haunted house stories this is about people. The ghosts are more metaphors for failings of the past. It portraits them as people´s own personal demons that are an essential part of human nature deeply engrained in their emotions. It is about guilt, regret, addiction, loss and grief. It tells stories of family members and paints them as creepy looking pictures but you can see what it really is about. Like the Shining is about an abusive father, really. This is about the trails and tribulations of one family and each individual member who have to deal with their own personal ghost that haunt them.
And thus it definitly retains enough of the essence of the original story (which it is contentwise far away from in most other aspects) that Stephen King (and avid fan of the novel) rightly says that Shirley Jackson would have loved it.
And it also is just right on atmosphere and look. The interiors of Hill House are just as gorgeous as in other film versions of the novel. And I like the subtle dark blue tint many scenes have.
So if you look for your standard spookhouse spectacle look somewhere else. If you want a good story with good actors and atmospheric scenes (and yes also some good scares to boot), just watch this show!

I´m looking forward to go into detail with @PiecesOfKate later. :slight_smile: