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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


And it looks like my favourite reviewers discussed the show, too!

And at least Jay also mentions Maniac favourably a couple of times.


No but they did build the suspense really well. And when the Magritte ghost finally stuck his hand under the bed and made little Luke scream I was terrified!


In Germany “National Geographic” will show “Valley of the Boom” on several platforms in January. The series covers the start of the Internet reps. the World Wide Web. Has someone read some reviews or any other information about it?


I have not heard anything about it, but if Lamorne Morris is in it I will definitely check it out! Loved him on New Girl.


Today the new Coen Brothers film “The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs” premieres on Netflix.

I´m super conflicted about this.

On the one hand it´s nice to be able to see it at home now already. On the other hand it is movies like this every theater owner who isn´t part of a great franchise depends on for survival.

People watch movies like this not at the big multiplex but at the smaller theater. The Coens no matter how mainstream they have gotten over the years retained being part of a cult scene that was an essential part of those movie theaters that managed to survive because they are not mainstream enough for the multiplex and the small but faithful crowd watched all their films at the smaller theater.

A mate who is the owner of a small theater in town (which used to be part of a bigger chain of theaters owned by his dad, now he is the only one left struggling for survival) actually had to find out FROM ME that the new Coen film comes straight to Netflix.

“Owwwww…that sucks for small theater owners!” was his reaction, I could tell that news really gutted him.

So while I´m still gonna watch this, I hope they´ll bring it to the big screen anyway so I can support him. He´s the last one who still has a classic tradtional movie theater that is neither a giant multiplex nor a shoebox sized arthouse thing that feels like a backroom private screening.


Why would you want to go to a small cinema?

Most small cinemas are a pain because their chairs are uncomfortable, their tech is outdated, you need to go there, you need to go back home, you can’t order tickets online in a comfy way, it’s more expensive, maybe you need to show up before, in order to get nice seats, you need to watch advertisements, people next to you distract you by chatting and eating, sitting there for 2.x hours … and most films suck anyway.

Lying in your bed and watching a movie is so much more relaxing and you’re in control. There exist a few movies, you’ll certainly want to experience in a (big enough, modern) theater together with a crowd, but most films are fine on a nice screen at home already. Watching movies via enhanced VR could be fantastic.

What sucks about Netflix: The content isn’t related to your account and independent of the country you’re watching it from (unless you use a vpn). On the bright side, there might be interesting changes but mostly, nah.


You are broadly generalising.



There are much softer than anything I have at home and also far enough apart so you can´t hear your neighbour talking to their neighbour anymore



Nothing more comfy than that. Pay online. Let the QR in your order confirmation mail be scanned at the counter. Done!

It has gotten closer to the price of the multiplex in recent years. True. But especially with the refreshments it is still cheaper than Cinemaxx.

That is a matter of opinion.

That indeed is true, I have exactly one 3D Blu Ray and I tried that out on my PS4VR and that is liking sitting in a black void looking at a big movie screen but with zero distractions around.

However all those stories about obnoxious audiences I heard I cannot really share. I must live in a place with many respectful people. And leaving the house once in a while can be a good experience, too.


Don’t forget the atmosphere!

Our small cinemas here are much cheaper than the multiplexes.

I like the atmosphere in the cinema, especially if I’m watching a comedy movie. It’s much funnier if you watch it with an audience IMHO.


There always exist exceptions to the rule but the multiplex cinemas grab most of the potential money there is left for people going into cinemas and due to this most small cinemas are a pain (where I life). What I wouldn’t be fond of from your picture, is sitting on the same height with multiple rows. You have a nice view, unless this tall guy with the weird haircut shows up. It can be a nice experience to meet someone interesting in a cinema but you can have this kind of social experience with other activities in the real world as well, and I recommend not only leaving your house for the cinema anyway.

Du magst doch Trachten und Vereine so gern?!


It was to compensate for the costs of the new equipment, sets and etc. Also just for the simple chance of survival.

We do have much smaller theaters, too. And obviously I don´t like them all equally. But of course the experience is very subjective and dependant on where you live.


Yes, that’s true. But overall they all have their own “charm”. :slight_smile:


That looks worse than it it actually is. The distance of the rows and the height of the screen greatly compensate from that. The likelyhood of that happening is very low.

That goes without saying of course!

Ne! :stuck_out_tongue:



That’s the only bit I disagree with. Brits can be soooo annoying in the cinema. It’s not unusual for someone’s phone to go off, them to answer it, and everyone else to yell at them. That, and the London prices, puts me off going.


Shhh, you´re destroying your image of being the most polite people on earth! :shushing_face:

That´s a bummer. I´m sure you have some lovely theaters.


Doch! Du hast das in Dir.

It’s not only about distraction, some of the great aspects are about being together with people you want to watch a movie with, at places you’ve never been before, and all this whilst being naked in real.

Have you ever been to Canada, Australia, Asia …?


Must be so deep I don´t even know it!

NOW we´re talking!


Does there exist something like a good nudist cinema?


Define “good”. I guess that would wholly depend on the audience, right? :grin:


Naturally but mostly only nicely looking people show up naked anyway.


Have you ever been to a nude beach? That is so not true.