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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Thank you for this. It seems I explored all options in first run :smiley:




(That does mean he got more things ‘wrong’ though :wink: )


Good point! It also looks like people are still searching for a good ending, I´m lucky I saw this list now, it would really have surprised me if there actually was one! :laughing:


Yeah I mean come on people, it’s not called Bright Mirror :laughing:




I have NO IDEA what this means now:


(I mean it could just be a little belated promo but still…whaaaat?!)


Hm :thinking:

I guess Netflix is the future for people who just want to enjoy the interactive episode on a basic level. The NXonNetflix Twitter account is for people who want to analyse it, or read analyses about it. And maybe ‘Advanced’ is hinting at the new series, for people who want to go even further into the void.

Those images they’ve posted look like they’re all from previous episodes. The zoom of the review listings is from Playtest (the previous gif is the original clip). It mentions Psyclapse followed by Bandersnatch, which is a reference to the C64 games – the latter of which never made it to market.


They were either very prophetic when they wrote that episode, or Brooker just happened to throw a reference in back then too :wink:

So maybe that little pastiche means they’re bringing some of those themes together in the new series.


Yours is definitely my favourite timeline! :clap:



Yeah, so it turns out I was actually doing it wrong because I abandoned it after Netflix threw me out and back to the homescreen.

Then I discovered that I still had the option to continue.

After I got the meta ending as well I finally had the option to go back to the safe, use the TOY password and get the “real” ending.

So I think it is as simple as playing all the endings in order and then getting the final one. I got the same order as @PiecesOfKate for my endings. So I guess certain options only turn up after certain endings have been reached and it turns out that as they actually said in many parts, there was never much serious choice at all! Only the illusion of free will.

Oh and the part where Stefan suddenly dies in the therapists chair is lifted DIRECTLY from a Twilight Zone. I can´t remember which one, but it ended exactly the same!


That explains it! I’m glad you got to play it all the way through, and sorry for the spoiler. I should’ve checked a bit more subtly just in case!

Ooh, didn’t realise that. I must get back to watching those at some point.


It really seems to stop after a while. My dad also got thrown to the homescreen after getting the meta ending, feeling rather disappointed. I just told him to try again, if he also has that option like I had.

I´ll probably do it again from the beginning with new music and ceral choices, just for laughs, but it looks like I´ve gotten most endings now.


You can play the games :slight_smile:

I haven’t tried it yet.


Hey, where is Nosedive? Did he overdose before he could release it, or what?

Oh and Bandersnatch just redirects to the Netflix Page. :neutral_face:


Aww, crap turns out you can´t actually play any of these.


Oh. That’s not what I read. Oh well.


Oh, looks like you can play Nohzdyve but you have to download a Spectrum emulator :roll_eyes:


Well I looked at all the pages, and there isn´t really anything. Nice design, though.

I´m afraid that´s too retro even for me.


I meant on another article (and all over Twitter). I guess they were making it sound simple for the publicity! Oh well.


Someone on Reddit made a flowchart of all the options. It was only a matter of time :grin:

There are obviously spoilers in the above link.