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Netflix (and other VOD) recommendations


Thanks! But when I read that chart I sudddenly felt the urge to decide whether to spill tea over my keyboard or smash my computer.

However, I wonder if there are walkthroughs already to lead people to certain endings they desire. :slight_smile:


They announced Stranger Things 3 for July 4th now. Can´t say I´m too excited after season 2. Hopefully we´ll get “GLOW in Vegas” (not actual title) around the same time.


Yeah I’m not that excited for Stranger Things, but I’ll probably watch it.

Glow as in this?


Yup, two seasons with a third for this year announced. @yrface and I love it!


I’m not going to lie - that image doesn’t grab my fancy. But since I tend to have similar taste to you both I may check it out.


I can see what you mean. That image doesn´t exactly say “Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling” to me either.


Not exactly what I was thinking but that too :laughing:


I admit if I just saw that poster, or heard about a wrestling sit-com I might not be into it. But being a fan of Maron and some of the other cast I watched both seasons and though it was pretty good.

It nails the 80’s style. If you were a fan of the Wedding Singer than I would give it a glowing endorsement!

Bad pun, I know… I just can’t help it! :nerd_face:


I enjoyed it from the beginning, but by the time the two leading ladies had their training montage with Invincible by Pat Benatar playing in the background I loved it! :slight_smile:


Golden Globe nominations are in!

Including(based on what I know some of us here been watching):

Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Drama
Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody
The Americans for best Drama Series
The Alienist for best limited Series
Daniel Brühl for The Alienist
Elisabeth Moss for Handmaid´s Tale
Kerri Russel for The Americans
Matthew Rhys for The Americans
Alison Brie for GLOW
Yvonne Strahowski for Handmaid´s Tale


Those Americans nominations are well warranted. Coincidentally I watched the final episode the other night (first series in a while where the ending didn’t disappoint). It’s a great show.

It’s a shame Noah Emmerich wasn’t nominated too. I thought he was great.


Added he 6 part serial “Requiem” to my watchlist, going in completely cold. Anyone know anything about this?


And out of those the globes went to:

Bohemian Rhapsody for Best Drama
Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody
The Americans for best Drama Series

Meanwhile both awards that The Alienist was nominated for went to “Versace - American Crime Story”.


Hooray! Well deserved. Can’t find a clip of them winning, boo. Only some nice photos (Keri Russell is so bloomin’ pretty).


Yeah! I still remember her from her guest spot on Married…with Children.

She went places!


I also discovered the other day that she was in Bon Jovi’s Always video



Oh wow, for some reason I´m having flashbacks to Alicia Silverstone and Aerosmith right now!


Seen the first 2 parts now. Very atmospheric and mysterious. Makes me wonder where this is going.

It starts out in London and then moves to a remote welsh village and an old manor.


It was okay. Didn´t exactly blow me away. I guess when you´ve never seen Rosemary´s Baby or anything of that sort you´re probably more shocked by this. Could´ve been better, but was alright and thankfully with 6 episodes brief enough to sit through.


I just started watching Channel Zero which is a SyFy production that devotes 6 episode seasons to one Creepypasta each.

I´m liking it a lot so far. Am in the middle of season 2 now and I like that even better than season 1 so far.

It´s everything that American Horror Story isn´t, meaning actually unsetteling and scary and with focus on a story instead of just weird images. Max Landis is executive producer and there are four seasons so far.

No idea where one can watch it, I had to buy the seasons (thankfully not too expensive because they only are 6 45 mins episodes each) on amazon, but it was certainly worth it.