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No more likes possible


Would you believe that there is people who fill out their biography information just to get the badge for it? :scream:

Like like…Like Like.


Eheh, I know, I’m not one of them :slight_smile:


Maybe you can find out who it is. It´s still there and still funny. :laughing:


It looks like overnight we accidentally deployed a regression to our rate limiting to this forum. It has since been fixed and redeployed, sorry everyone!


I like your post, and glad that I can like it!


Like. Good that the problem is solved. I am also not such a liker. I am hardly pleased. So hang in there everybody, if you want uh… you know… more Likes from me. :franklin:


Eventually, yes. No spoiler there.


What?!?!? Who said that?



Do you think this is likely? :thinking::joy:


418,000 hours?! Wow, even a lot of prison sentences don’t last that long. :wink:


I don’t know, I still need to free Willy