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Why can't I like that someone liked my post?


Why can I like a post but not the like from a person who liked my post?


What do you like about the fact
that that person liked what you said
that makes you wanna like the like?


I just wanna tell her that I like the fact that she liked my post (for example because she was the only one who liked my post).


Can´t you just…you know…call her or something?


But I don’t have her phone number. :frowning:


Then ask her. Do something! Live in the now!


Because then things would get too confusing. As well as making sure to like posts that we like, we’d also have to consider how much we liked each like, and decide which of those likes to like… :sweat_smile:

And Discourse doesn’t give us enough likes in a day as it is, anyway! (Well, not to me, at least.)


But I get your point I often have situations where I go “I knew she would like that!” but that´s me being happy with myself. It´s not really neccesary to let the other person know in my opinion.


I’ve had the same thought sometimes. Especially when you post something you think a specific other person might not appreciate, and then does after all! But there are other ways to acknowledge that you appreciate someone liking your post. Like replying “hey, I like your like!”
Or just replying. Depending on what you reply and the tone you use, the like is implicit. @PiecesOfKate does that a lot.
Or weren’t you talking of her when you said she?

Also I think you need a hug.


Hey @someone I like your like!
(See?) :slight_smile:


Or you can create a DM with a generic title, where you can exchange random thoughts whenever you feel like it.

Like “yay, you got the reference to that thing I like :smile:


Looks at watch…looks at calender.

Or maybe a can of coffee and glass of water.


Pun intended? :joy:


But for exactly that situation is the like feature for. Discourse doesn’t want that you write a post where you are just saying that you like someone. (It’s like greeting mum and dad in a TV show…)

Another problem is a like for an older post while the discussion has already evolved. An answer with just a “I like that you liked post #9876” would disrupt this discussion.


No water please - I’m not a fish. But I’ll take an espresso.


Then I would have to PM everybody in this forum. Well, most of them. :wink:

(And shut up you *beeping* Discourse, I know what I’m doing here!)


One espresso coming to somwhere between the Ruhr and Rhine areas…sorry that´s the most specific you ever got, so that´s the best I can do.

iOS no speech with headphones

It’s Ok. I’ll get it. They know me here. :wink:


You keep saying that, but we all still need some proof for that.


Nah… too easy!

But I am…I’ll take the water!