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Non ci sono uffici ad Albuquerque! (TWP Ita Dub, intro trailer)


A little teaser trailer on a dialog all of us should know by heart. But in Italian!

Disclaimer: audio and acting quality not yet final - I didn’t want to spend too much time on this intro, it’s just to keep you guys up to date :wink:


Zak I knew you were perfect fot the role! Amazing!


I can’t watch the trailer on Linux… :disappointed_relieved:


Try this: right click on the bottom bar of the video (or the empty space where the video was supposed to be) and select an option of your browser to copy the adress of the video clip. Then paste it into a new tab, it will open a direct download from dropbox. Then open the downloaded file with VLC media player. Hope this will work!


I don’t see the bottom bar. I get a black frame with an error message. I’ll try tomorrow another browser and/or OS. :slight_smile:


I put it on youtube (not listed - I don’t want it to pop up in the search engine, not at the moment), it should work now


Yes, thanks!

Really great work! I like the voices, they fit to their characters. Reyes sounds a little bit younger in Italian than in English, but I like that.


If I’m not mistaken, the actors are the same age. But ours is young inside!


Yeah, forever young! :slight_smile:

Javier Lacroix is one year younger than me, I have checked on :joy:


The real age has nothing to do with the age of your voice. :slight_smile: There are young people sounding like a grandfather while 50 year old men are sounding like a 12 year old kid.

(In fact most studios are using adults for dubbing kids voices. For example the German voice of Bart Simpsons is the 48 year old female voice actor Sandra Schwittau. :slight_smile:)


Yes, that’s true.
e.g. the hotel kid in Thimbleweed Park is dubbed by a woman, while we “hired” a 9yo boy who has a deep voice (looks older, almost a teen!)

At first, I tried to make a trained voice while dubbing Reyes, then I was suggested to be normal, natural. What you have heard is my actual voice.

There’s room to improve, for sure. I’ll do my best.


I think it fits perfectly to Reyes. He is the junior agent and you can hear that.

Have you done voice acting or acting before?


Never. Initially I didn’t want to dub Reyes, I was ashamed. It was another one.


If age of the actors were an important factor then I probably should voice Delores. :joy:


You should make a test recording. For us. :wink:


I don´t think so.


I bet @PiecesOfKate would like to hear it too… :slight_smile:


Be ready to start a german dubbing group! :wink:


And me! :grinning:


oh come on!