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Non ci sono uffici ad Albuquerque! (TWP Ita Dub, intro trailer)


Well, you offered it. :slight_smile:


Twas a joke.

Would you take it seriously if I declared:

“I´m gonna re-enact that Anthony Hopkins cellphone video*!” ?

*look it up if you don´t know and thank me later.


And we would like to listen to the joke too! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You guys can listen to me enough when I finally have my stand up/late night show.


But you probably wouldn’t include voice acting a TWP character in your act, as it wouldn’t be mainstream enough!

Besides, there’ll be way more people at your show than in this forum thread. You may as well do it for us few :wink: plz


That´s carefully optimistic!

For some strange reason you really enjoy hearing me talk, do you? :blush:


Yes. :blush:


I would really like to know the reason… :thinking: Milan’s voice makes you sleepy - right? Or no, wait, he talks like your famous cartoon character?


Well, there goes your last chance of me fulfilling any kind of request from you. :smirk:


Why do I need to justify myself? :sweat_smile:
Milan’s is a pleasant voice to listen to. And he has a good storytelling manner.


:heart_eyes: Oh stop it! That´s really too much for me!:relaxed:


There’s something really familiar about his voice to me (in the recording he did of The Raven), but I still can’t put my finger on it. I feel like it is a character in something, but I’m not sure what.


Hm… @milanfahrnholz: Have you worked as a voice actor? Or do you have a relative that worked as a voice actor/actor? (These questions are meant seriously.)


It’s because you cut it off tonight.


Yeah, but didn´t you also think I look like an obscure actor, or something? :wink:

Absolutly not at all. However my Dad used to read to us a lot when we were kids. I think I started reading on my own when I was ten. Before that it was all my father who read to me. For instance I have not read The Hitchhiker´s Guide books myself. My dad read the first four volumes to me.

Oh and I used to sing, but that´s another story.


(Only joking, we won’t bug you for that)


Would be to no avail anyway, considering the low end equipment I have.


“Everybody sing a song… Gu-ga… Gu-ga…”


Yeah, like people didn’t use to say “all the Guga gay” to tease me in school :expressionless:


Is that guy on the right a reject from the Leningrad Cowboys?