NON-SPOILER thread for Return To Monkey Island

It changed? I didn’t even notice that. Either way, it would have been nice to have such characters have more than one thing that they say, which most of them didn’t.

Finished! Without hints!
Now I can read all the messages left on this forum!


(Lalala not reading anything here…)For whenever @LowLevel gets here… The name of the Voodoo lady is…. not Hernando!

For all the rest: man, this game is tough! I have played 4.5 hours in three sessions now and feel like I have progressed only to about 2/3rds of part 1. But I refuse to use the in-game hints.

Bye for now- crawling back into my metal box without gaming/twitter/facebook/video related youtube spoilerfree heaven.


Yes, I submitted both a bug report and a formal complaint.


come on dude, TWP was a lot harder :smile:

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It seems so, it’s all simplified, streamlined, dumbed down compared do TWP. But I keep getting stuck on some trivial stuff. Like not reading the plaque on Carla’s monument, or ignoring the strange mess that is called laundry machine for some reason..

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It’s not called laundry machine. It has popup text of “Laundry time?”, and I didn’t even understand what that meant or what the pile of parts was for a while. :slight_smile: