NOW I got it... THAT´s it!

It took me a long time and we discussed it a lot. We had a lot of reasons for it too.

But now I got it. That´s the reason, I´m sure:

Welcome to the OTPF

Official Thimbleweed Park Forum
Off Topic Post Forum



From now on, we’ll call it “the MARS effect!”


Or is it the :dash: effect :thinking:


But if it’s an off-topic post forum, then we’ll always be off-topic and therefore never off-topic… :crazy_face:


I realized in this very moment that that cloying snack is called after snickers, and not after sneakers. Wow.

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Uhm… I don’t know. I mean, in PHP the first P stands for “PHP” itself.
So the protocol could have been called also QHP, or FHP, or XXHP or whatever. It would have made sense anyway.

But in our case, the M in MARS doesnt’ stand for “MARS” (the acronym). It stands for Mars (the planet). If it was called VARS or JARS, it wouldn’t have made sense (except if we were on Venus or Jupiter, actually).

And please do note tht MARS is also an acrostic, not only an acronym.

Please, @RonGilbert, DO read the unwritten text. This whole thread means only one thing: make a new game!


Behind his back we called him Snickers, because of his weird, wheezing laughter. Little did we know that he could hear everything through some old tube system, a relic from the 1920s.

I suppose it’s only natural that the brain would come up with such irrelevant details as a defense against the ghastly reality of it all. He towered over the five of us on the floor, all bound up with an oddball combination of sisal and duct tape. I couldn’t stop myself from vocalizing along as he sharpened his blade. Scratch. Snicker. Screech. Snicker. Swish, shplort. Snicker. Swipe. Snicker. Thud. Snicker. Swoosh, thunk. Snicker. Thwack. Snicker. Snicker. Snicker.

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I would guess that this is actually happen at the moment. :wink:

That’s why OTPF is actually also short for
On-Topic Post Forum and it just keeps oscillating between both meanings.

A bit like this one, where the ON-ON labels would change to OFF-OFF with every post


Is this a Schrödinger’s cat thing?

But that’s just your weird interpretation because in reality it just stands for ‘MARS Area Railway System’!!

hmm did my thread just go off topic :thinking:


Yes! The cat is dead - now you’ve looked