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October 16th is the 30th Anniversary of ThimbleCon '87!

Date from official poster on Fangamer:


Also October 5 is the 30th anniversary of Maniac Mansion.

When and where are the parties? :slight_smile:

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Don´t have time on the 5th, since I´ll be watching Blade Runner 2049 (and still need to catch up on the other 2047 sequels…).


What about organizing a virtual international party here in the forum on October 16th? Maybe starting at a specific time.

It could be a no-topic chatty thread in which everyone can share photos of TWP merchandise, ThimbleCon memorabilia or simply cool images about TWP.

@RonGilbert could promote the event on social media and maybe also distribute a few gifts. :stuck_out_tongue:

@All : Would you attend a virtual ThimbleCon anniversary event, have some fun and hope for gifts? :stuck_out_tongue:

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"The hope is the last to die"
I am for a YES!

You got me at “gifts”…

Just leave me alone with the booze. I hope there is booze, is what I´m saying…

I thought you are going to watch 2048 movies?

And how I´m I supposed to do that without booze, hm?

Actually I was thinking some days ago how feasible could have been to organize live Thimblecons in the world on a regular basis…

Are there that many haunted hotels around the world?

There are mooOOOOOre than you caaaAAAAaaan imagine…

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Woooh don´t scare-a-boo me!

Here you can find locations for the first 25 editions.


Aweosme man!!:grin:

Today’s the day. Happy 30th Anniversary, ThimbleCon '87! :slight_smile:

Wow. That was so long ago. i can’t remember the con. This means it must have been good. :grin:


Thimblecon '87 - If you remember it, you weren´t there.


Anybody have any plans for Oct. 16 this year?

I might make a poster if I find the time.

But it would be really fun to have some activities as well…

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