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Who remembers this classic?

I know we’ve got a proper continental mix here, Mostly Europe a few Brits some yanks. What tv do you get nostalgic about?


I should point out to those who don’t know, that is Rent-A-Ghost a wonderfully British kids tv show where you guessed it you rent a ghost…

Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood


I don’t know that one, is it an American show Matt?

Yes, it’s a show for young children, sort of like Sesame Street, but much more zen and focused on emotional wellbeing. It’s one of the few shows I grew up with that still holds up.

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Brilliant! Sounds good. We had some good kids shows here in the UK, as well as Rent-A-Ghost, we had Worzel Gummage (John Perwee who was the 3rd doctor and Una Stubbs the Landlady in Sherlock) about a scarecrow and his girlfriend. I think in all honesty kids tv has gone down hill, of course I am much older now but I do think the older shows had a charm that new ones don’

We kinda discussed this already here:

Ok, it was more about the theme songs than the actual show, but for sure it was a mix of both (we stayed pretty well on topic)

Is Mr. Rogers the horse? I know there are lots of pop culture references to a Mr. Rogers, including in one of the Monkey Island games.

Many German TV shows, that most of you don’t know. :slight_smile:

A German classic is the “Sendung mit der Maus” (The TV show with the mouse):

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Ah, I confused with Mr. Ed!

Let’s see how your knowledge is on classic Belgian - or even European- TV shows.

I’ll shine your shoes for a nickle, sir!
only brown:ransome:

This is a trailer for the new documentary on him:

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I love(d) Mr Ed. :smiley:

I reckon we also got the majority of them and vice versa. I’m not sure I was even really consciously aware that Samson & Gert were Belgian; back in '89/'90ish I probably just thought they were putting on funny voices. :rofl:

I lived in Germany for a short time, I know more than you might think.

Hm… What about “Rappelkiste”, “Neues aus Uhlenbusch” and “Pumuckl”? :slight_smile:

Quite fond memories of that one, and I came so close to buying it on DVD (I had it in my hand already!). Though in the end, I decided I’d rather keep my fond memories :slight_smile:.


I once wanted to find the place where they filmed that, but it seems they tore down the entire block long ago. Which actually isn´t that big of a surprise if you consider how it looks in the show.

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I wan’t a kid, so no. But Stromberg and things. Your shows remind me of ours in a lot of ways.