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Picaroon: A CMI-style fangame


A few years ago I’ve been asked to beta-test a cool game demo in CMI style called Picaroon: The Lost Years (formerly a MI fangame). Unfortunately I’ve lost contact with the devs, and it looks like the project tanked, so I decided to put up the demo for public:

I also created a page about this game on the adventure game wiki Abandonsocios so that info & materials wouldn’t be lost:


If there wouldn’t be stolen character from original game, but they put more effort into make new one, looking like Guybrush, that would be much better. Most of the remakes has been shut down, because they stolen original art.


They DID make an original character actually.


And the project wasn’t shut down by a C&D or whatever, it just stalled on its own.


in that case, thats a good effort…at least.

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