The Curse of Monkey Island "in Classic Edition"

The following video doesn’t show the same “demake” already discussed in this other thread but, if I have correctly understood how the events have unfolded, what was the original project/code upon which the demake of that thread has been based.

In this original version, the backgrounds were not taken from CMI but they were drawn from scratch. In my opinion this 2D style is more similar to the one of MI1/2.

Have a look!


Yes, and it’s created using AGS.
I may be wrong, but it appears to be the same canceled project of demaking CoMI.

Here is the AGS discussion about it.

It’s fun to look at it for a while for a sentimental value. I don’t think I would’ve played the game though.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the fate of most of such fan projects. Most people seemingly underestimate the amount of work.
Personally, I was surprised, too, when I realized how much work was necessary to develop TWP.

When CMI was released, I was disappointed by all those stylistic differences. Therefore, I might have been interested in playing such a demake. That said, I wouldn’t have been interested in participating in its development, because I think that remakes are generally not so important to me. If an old game is worth playing it (and available for me), I usually prefer to play the original version, or maybe an official enhanced version.