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[PICS] David and Annie Fox meeting fans in Napoli


Hi everyone,

this is my first post here-a-reno!

Some photos from the meeting with @David in Napoli… tag yourselves!



This was a very special get together! After meeting up, we all enjoyed some great Italian beer.

I have the names, but not everyone participates in this forum… Left to right:
Damiana, @Gffp, @lucadigennaro, Victoria (@evil.victoria on Instagram), @David, Annie Fox, @DDP10, @SydSacchi (seated next to Annie), Francesco (behind Syd – is this @Francesco?), Valentina, @LostTrainDude, Francesca, and brilliant photographer Ilaria is behind the camera)

If you want me to remove your name, please let me know!!


*going through the faces knowing that @LostTrainDude looks like his avatar*

Oh, that must be him.

*keeps going through the faces*

Wait, there’s another LostTrainDude! What the?!?

I know you’re brothers, so the question is: are you twins? :confused:


First of all: such nice pictures! Thanks Ilaria!

This was indeed a special event and I’m super happy that the short notice didn’t jeopardize the whole thing. It was also nice to have along some of my personal friends (@lucadigennaro, Ilaria, @Francesco and Valentina: thinking about you!) and meet Vittoria, Dario, Francesca and Damiana for the first time!

@Guga You’re not the first one who says that… I’m not sure why: it must be something around the eyes… :smile:
Joking aside: no, we are actually 9 years apart (me being younger)!


Yes. You both have glasses :smiley:



Who provided the cardboard floppies? :smiley:


IIRC David himself had some


Hey everyone, sorry but my account was put on hold for pics overload :smiley:
Another one!


That means Discourse got jealous for all the fun you’ve been having :upside_down_face:
We forumers have an ongoing rivalry with Discourse and its jealous ways. Oh, and @discobot too.


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune

Will you two ever leave us alone? :grinning:


:crystal_ball: Yes


Oh, sure you will.


Love this pic!


“American chips”. I wonder if David and Annie bought some and criticized them just as we Italians do when going to Italian restaurants abroad :stuck_out_tongue:


You spammer :joy::joy::joy:
Glad to see you again!