PiecesOfKate's journey in Italy

It’s not that I prefer the EGA look per se. I just prefer MI EGA. :slight_smile:

But anyway, if it’s just the graphics I’ll give the v2 EGA and the FM Towns VGA (?) a try for a few minutes and make my choice based on that, I suppose.

Hm. I’m going to peruse some screenshots of the different versions before making my decision.

ScummVM has a few screenshots: https://www.scummvm.org/screenshots/lec/zak/

The Amiga looks like some kind of crossbreed? Or is that a variation of the EGA v2?

Zak C64:

Zak EGA v2:

Zak FM Towns:

(I haven’t found a screenshot of the English version. /edit: Ok, @milanfahrnholz did. :slight_smile: )



Amiga, PC etc.

FM Towns

Oh yeah, I forgot about this thread.


@milanfahrnholz: The colors in your picture of the C64 version are wrong. It looks like Zak had a sunburn. :wink:

Actually I´m not sure if it even IS the C64 version then, could be an early Apple or IBM version. You could already see on Maniac Mansion that those already had inferior graphics compared to the C64.

Hm, C64 looks the most classic. But the PC one is nice too. Definitely not the FM Towns one.

I wonder what I would’ve played on my IBM PC? The second one I guess? I’d like to stay true to that.

Or made with VICE and the wrong color palette…

Yes. :slight_smile:

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A bit before my time. Thanks!

Based just on the screenshots I’d probably go for that EGA v2 version, but I’ll have to try it out as well to see if I like the music in the other version. Are there any quick ways to mix and match if desired? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Like those talkie versions of ScummVM Monkey Island.)

Good choice, but I am biased :slight_smile:

Good choice, but I am biased :slight_smile:


Are you sure about that? Wasn´t there “not enhanced” version of Zak too like with the original 1987 PC release of Maniac Mansion that had graphics closer to the C64 version?

Oh hai, Google Duplex!


v2 came shortly after v1, unless you are a day 1 gamer you would probably have gotten v2.

No, it could be EGA v1. I can’t find a screenshot that is EGA v1 for sure.

btw: At least your FM towns screenshots is using an anti-alias filter.

Is that so? I thought it might have been a year or something like that (or in the case of Maniac Mansion 2 years).

But maybe I´m getting my timeline wrong since it is not easy to look it up.

1987 Maniac Mansion initial release
1988 Zak McKracken initial release
1989 MM enhanced, Zak enhanced
1990 MM NES, Zak FM Towns

The original version was released on October 1988. v2 in 1989.

I always go to Mobygames for that kind of stuff: http://www.mobygames.com/game/zak-mckracken-and-the-alien-mindbenders/release-info