Pigeon Brothers Business Cards - For Halloween and Cosplay purposes

That’s so cool. :joy:

Did people get who you were? Or did you have to explain?

Without any knowledge or other reference it would be hard, if I search for pigeons in video games I get stuff like:


Pigeon simulator? I think 90% of the fun from such a game is witnessing somebody wasting their life as developers. No harm intended.

It’s still in development btw.
Their previous game (Worlds Adrift) was a failure. It was early access but didn’t make enough revenue so they’ve killed it. Players cannot host their own servers and are now *beeped*.

But you may know some of their previous games, especially: Surgeon Simulator.

Apologies for taking so long! Been too busy enjoying the weekend.

Now, the one thing I wasn’t able to give is the PDF. The way I made it, is I imported the vector from Illustrator (something I’m not super competent in) and pasted it into photoshop (Which is easier for me. Photography minor, hooray!) and created the JPG I used to hastily throw it together.

So to make up for that, I have provided this shared drive folder with the illustrator files (1 is the vector only, 2 is the finished product rasterized and such. The images are all done in photoshop I believe.):

Pigeon Brothers Business Cards

Feel free to use them at your leisure, as all I did was trace over the concept art for the van found on the blog (thanks for the reference, guys!) and use the same font used in the game itself.

If anyone does a better job than me, please show off! :slight_smile:

EDIT: The texts used for TWP were found out here: Fonts that have been used in TWP!


I modified it a bit: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1k4rnKbtqWajSWbSpYlIaydBegoQOrjzQ/view
It’s a vectorized PDF, CMYK color space, K 100%.


As a surgeon, I must say that game is stupid to me.
It would be interesting to listen to @ChillingLucifer’s opinion about Pigeon Simulator, you know… as a pigeon.

It’s part of this whole weird genre of games where the controls are the game.

Has there ever been an Operation video game?

That’s the second best Thimbleweed Park cosplay costume I’ve ever seen!!!


Wow! Thank you so much! I have to admit, when I created my original cards I hadn’t touched illustrator in over 10 years, so I’m glad someone took it and improved it! I also like how you got the line in between the vector letters to be more wide. It took too much time with the time I had, and inexperience, so that makes it look a lot better - and the black highlight on the website URL does make it more noticeably better.

Thanks again! Awesome job! :smiley:


As a monkey better not ask me about this monkey isle game. Especially regarding tooling. I’m not happy about how my folk is treated.


It is hard being a three headed monkey, nowadays.

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No idea why this old thread showed on my unread topics now but your link is dead?

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These days more often than not I find this is due to spam. The post that bumped this is either flagged and hidden or already deleted.

My guess is that google is really asking for their drive space nowadays. I already have to delete some stuff myself and I don´t even use it that much. :grimacing:

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It’s kinda nice though… randomly reviving old threads. There’s so much good content in this forum.


I know, but I find myself way too often scrolling through old threads, laughing at my own jokes I´ve long forgotten about :sweat_smile:


As long as you don’t start replying to disagree with some clearly rubbish statements or to chime in with some eloquently written and very valid points…to find out they were all yours, that’s OK

Never happened to me, I swear! :innocent:

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Well, now I obviously have to find that… :face_with_monocle:

Ah, the life of a coder.

“Who the *BEEP* wrote this piece of garbage?!? Let’s check the logs… oh, it was me.”