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Plans for an AppleTV app?


Just wondering if there were plans to bring it to the AppleTV? Given it’s iOS base I wouldn’t think it’d be too diffficult?


There are no plans. The controller is the big issue, plus Apple requires you be able to dynamically download data if you’re larger than 500MB (TWP is 950MB) and it just isn’t possible stream the data since it was never organized for that.


That’s an easy fix: Just make a non-talkie version and only have a single 10-second music clip which loops all the time.
Maybe you don’t want to bastardise your own music, so instead you could just license the Benny Hill Theme for this purpose.


That could work great in conjunction with a new “speed up game feature” for the impatient players…


Since controls are also a problem I suggest using two button controls:

  • Button 1 switches between the available characters.
  • Button 2 executes the next action with the current character to advance the game.

Press those two buttons until you have finished the game.

There could also be a third but undocumented button to execute optional actions in the game, like Easter eggs and achievement stuff.

Here comes the AppleTV port! You are welcome.


Cheap version - wrap the data with BitTorrent. Would work as long as you can at least temporarily use space for all 950MB. If you have only 500MB to manage, this would be an obstacle of course.

That would be kind of official 150 floppy rip.


From reading the docs, it seems you can use more than 500MB, but the OS can purgue you down to 500MB at anytime (I’m not sure if that includes while you running). It’s a dumb system created by people at Apple who still think all games contain “levels” you progress through one after another.


This reminds me of the TesterTron 3000™.

@RonGilbert was it ever able to complete a TWP run by itself? :stuck_out_tongue:


I would watch a Twitch channel showing TesterTron3000 continuously playing the game. In a few weeks we might celebrate it reaching the ending (which will be related to a certain button pushed on a certain strange device).


I would love tvOS version. It would be the best way to relax on the sofa in the evening. It would also be very nice to have game saves sync between devices (Mac/iPhone/iPad and eventually AppleTV).
Please consider adding this feature and AppleTV support!