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PlayStation Classic (with 20 Pre-Loaded Games)


It’s the only mini console, I am even slightly interested in… I just keep all the old ones!


It’s more or less abandon-ware, isn’t it? If it’s on the PS Classic console, I might be interested in it.
Also, the first Tomb Raider game and WipeOut would make that console interesting to me.
Is there a complete list of games for that device already?


I guess, so I haven´t heard about it in decades. It was pretty big upon release though.

Unlikely. I don´t think any of these will ever contain any movie licenced IPs.

Not yet, but it kinda worries me seeing those they have announced already. Shouldn´t they have announced the highlights already?


THPS2 would be the killer game to have, although realistically speaking it has fairly little to offer over 3 and Underground.

(Not for @Someone and @Sushi; too many buttons to press on the controller all at once. :stuck_out_tongue: )


My thoughts exactly. Then again, it’s a matter of opinion what the highlights are.


Yup. All you made me want to do is fire up Tomb Raider in DOSBox. With the Glide Voodoo2 wrapper whatever so it looks better than it ever did. :smiley: To my knowledge the PSX controls are no better and the graphics on par with my Voodoo-less PC from back in the day.

Edit: as an aside, apparently Tony Hawk is not something you can actually buy except for some HD remake in the Unreal engine. (Yeah… pass…)



Terribly Hairy Puppy Shooting 2?
The Heed Por Speed 2?
Throwing Hot Purple Slimeballs 2?
I give up…

I can press them all at once. It is remembering what each of them does or is called.


Trophy Hunter Paradise Soldering 2
Test Hufter Proeft Saus 2
Try Hard Playstation Sony 2



You play the local pet groomer’s on a quest to make the worst messy walking hairball ready for a beauty pageant. A regular Hollywood plot, now in your PlayStation!

Practice breaking at crosswalks. Don’t be a Carmageddon rascal. Be responsible.

Now available in your TWP arcade!



You meant “Tering Hufter Proeft Saus 2”, right? :joy:

this is fun… I am going to ignore that Skater dude some more


Nah, that’s Test Hufter’s nastier brother. :wink:


I also like that all these titles were soooo good, they had to make a sequel for each single one of them. Sony is going to have a though time deciding which ones to include.


Everything you two listed above and nothing else would be my guess.


Pssht, no comments on the lame homophone pun here?


Emulated THPS3 doesn’t really work. It has these weird random framedrops.

@milanfahrnholz Can insert some Fry meme here.


Which emulator?


That’s PSCX2. It runs very well, it just seems like occasionally it has a minor slowdown. Unless that was in the actual game on the PS2 and I forgot about it. :smiley:

Edit: anyway, even a split second framedrop is killer in a game where you can’t reach a score of a million without doing a minute-long combo.

Edit 2: to be clear if you haven’t played the game at all or at more than the most basic skill level, that “longest combo” of 5 barely even qualifies as a combo. :wink:



Sony has announced 20 games:


GTA is a PC game. Still good I imagine…