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PlayStation Classic (with 20 Pre-Loaded Games)


By the way, anybody, who likes to play GTA, can legally get it on PC for free. I guess they chose GTA because of the persistent popularity of that game series. On the other hand, there is no Tomb Raider game on the list.
To be honest, I had hoped for a different variety of games - but this applies to the Nintendo mini consoles as well. Such lineups remind me of why I had little interest in consoles back then. Fortunately, we have GOG etc.!


Really? Huh, that’s cool.

I’ve had the original CD-ROM for about 20 years. :wink:

I traded it with a friend for something else, I forget what. Unfortunately this friend was of the “throw out box and manual” variety. Now depending on the box design I might’ve throw that out too since space is limited, but I’d never have thrown away the manual, even if all it said was something like “type D:\install.exe”.

And no Tony Hawk, hands down the best game available for PlayStation.

Tomb Raider isn’t from the era when PlayStation games had better controls than bad PC ports so really all you get there is equivalent graphics to how I played it (no Voodoo) to hugely inferior graphics.


Or the license (resp. they can get it cheap or without paying something to the developers).


I knew quite a few people who played the first two GTA games on the playstation back then, I think it was popular on there, too.

Too bad they didn´t include Resident Evil 2 and the first Silent Hill, though.


Admittedly, it’s very difficult anyway to satisfy contemporary witnesses with “only” 20 games, seeing that there are people who prefer real-time strategy games and others who prefer racing games or first-person shooters.

At least it was available for free several years ago, alongside GTA 2. I downloaded both of them back then, but I also owned the first one on CD-ROM. I remember that the free edition featured no music, though. I think, GTA 1 & 2 were two of the funniest games at our multi-player sessions back then.


I bought GTA IV at some point, which included all of the older GTA games. They disappeared from Steam though. (I mean, I still have 'em but you can’t/couldn’t buy them anymore.)

The game was decent enough, although I never finished it. Unfortunately it depended on some annoying Windows Live DRM stuff underneath Steam though. They ought to include a warning when you’re not just subjecting yourself to Steam…


Sony PlayStation Classic review:


That preview sentence pretty much sums it up for me. No matter how old it is now. To me the Playstation will always belong to the modern era and never evoke the same sort of nostalgia as that which came before it.


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