Poll: Favorite Protagonist

Agree about Franklin.
But the novelty of having a new set of verbs when playing as a ghost was fun…

until the self-pitying remarks grew tiresome.

Yeah, but that’s because it’s part of his story in the game. All characters have stuff only they can do that relates to their story (honestly, I can’t remember what it was for Ray). He doesn’t get more info on other stuff because he’s nice. Or does he? I don’t remember such parts.

That’s the thing… Ray does not have such a connection, and her personality is not curious enough (or talkative enough) to create one.

Thats not something I experienced. I played mostly with Ray. I switched to Reyes when I got stuck for a while in a middle of the game, but after discovering, everything is the same I gave up on him. This one thing you mentioned was an exception but it was much earlier and it was obvious this topic belonged to him. That’s why I feel two feds were a wasted effort for TWP.

I like your Guybrush analysis, pretty spot on.

In TWP an idea that some characters are more efficient “mains” didn’t occur to me.

a) You can’t choose in flashbacks.
b) It seemed that there was no difference in question menus, general answers or descriptions.

What I did was to let them stand somewhat strategically so I could cut some walking. Other than that I just played with Ray. Unlike in the DOTT where each char had his/her time and place and the coop was natural in TWP the character choice seemed completely arbitrary.

I played without main chars talking to each other so they looked interchangeable anyway. I started with Ray and I stuck with it.

Franklin is probably my favorite because his verbs and skills were really different. His whining would probably make me uneasy if I had to be using his char extensively but his role was limited.

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