Favorite non-playable character

Among the protagonists, my favorite characters are Delores (because she’s a determined nerd) and Reyes (because he’s a rookie, or at least an inexperienced agent). Ransome is also a character that I like very much.

But beside the five protagonists, my favorite character is Willie. I loved his story, he made me hate the negative sides of Chuck even more. Among the other things, I loved his fragility, for example how he reacted to the good-cop-bad-coop routine.

I also liked very much some of the things that he said and how he said them (does anybody know who his voice actor is?). For example I chuckled when I heard the resigned tone that he used when he commented that the sheriff had switched the radio on as a form of torture.

Do you have a favorite non-playable-character?

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It’s hard to pick one, because you could go fairly deep in conversation with most of them and they feel very well fleshed out. Leonard and Delores have a rapport, Sandy and Dave have something resembling marital bliss, Madame Morena is the 80s voodoo lady that set up shop in town.

I have to go with Doug. “Diggin the entryway with my shiny zinc shovel!” and his various other idle dialogue always put a smile on my face.

Absolutely, it’s Chuck… followed by Willie, followed by Ricki — who is such a delightful and pleasant person.

Of the 7 playable characters my least favourite is Cory… or is it Corey… I can’t remember.

I don’t particularly like Ransome or Angela Ray, and really like Antonio Reyes.

Why Chuck? He’s a tortured genius and has a very intriguing and compelling way about him. He’s highly practical yet highly intuitive but he’s also very temperamental and — despite being so cut-throat — has a chronically deep sense of inner values. On the (admittedly flawed but still somewhat useful) scale of MBTI typology, he screams megalomanic INFJ to me.

I loved the sheriff/coroner/manager. The voice actor was really great.

Also the boombox kid was fun. And I liked how Dave is treated by Sandy :smiley:

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In my opinion their most telling and profound interaction was a moment of silence.

When Dave tells Sandy that Ransome deserves a last chance, there is a long pause and that’s the only time Sandy doesn’t shut up Dave. I deeply loved that moment. It shows that feelings can be conveyed not just by words but also by the absence of them.

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Why? Is that because he’s the only one who reaches self-awareness?

I explained some of why in the updated version of the post but what that leads to is his awareness of his surroundings, yes. Further, how he then wrestles with that realisation and concocts his plans and operations… and by the end of the game I’m still not entirely convinced of which side he’s really on, what he’s truly trying to achieve, not his motives. A romantic notion might be to suggest he’s at war with the machines and that’s what’s causing his inner conflicts. There’s a lot in the game to suggest that is indeed the case but even if it’s true, it isn’t clear who “won” out of Chuck, the AI and “good and evil”.

In other words: his deep complexity makes him intriguing.



I’d go with Doug as well. He’s already a legend :smiley:

For me it`s Chuck as well. The only AI which created an AI :wink:

Is Chuck a villain, a hero, both or neither? WHAT IS Chuck? WHO is Chuck? He’s the best designed character in the game, I’d say.

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I would have to say Doug. My wife and I would say, “Diggin’!” as soon as we walk into the Mansion mansion. LOL! :laughing:

:delores: "What are you doing, Doug?"
Doug: “Ah, just diggin’ stuff in the hallway… mostly holes…”


Doug does make me smile without fail. Watching him dig holes inside the Mansion mansion is daft-good.

Yeah, what cracks me up is that he doesn’t say he’s digging holes; he says he’s digging stuff, mostly holes. :laughing:

Doug speaks a bavarian accent in DE´s translation. That´s one of theese reasons, I´ve some problems with Boris` translation.

But at the end, it would be too complicated, to appreciate every native speaker - I assume.

Anyone knows the Asterix-cartoons and it`s translations? :wink:

The core of a strong democracy is a strong press!
Loved the character, loved the political significance of the dialogues, loved the humour, loved the settings (the baloon framed Thimbleweed Nichel Office and nice touch the Gutemberg machine), loved the puzzle with the radio.

Oh, and Teddy, the boombox kid.

The Italian translation has Doug speaking Abruzzese.

But if I were Boris, I’d have had him speaking Swiss German :stuck_out_tongue: God I love that language, it sounds so cool.

I forgot all about Natalie.

Basically, the game is filled with great characters. Many of them are entirely ordinary and without any serious eccentricities yet they are memorable, which is ironic for me to say given that I forgot about Natalie (LOL).

Natalie’s answers to Ransome are great :smiley:

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…“it could remain offended!” (cit.)