Poll: Favorite Protagonist

  • Agent Ray
  • Agent Reyes
  • Delores
  • Franklin
  • Ransome
  • I refuse to choose

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Ransome because he actually has an arc. If you do it right you can find out why he is the way he is and let him redeem himself.

Franklin had a lot potential himself, because he was a failure in life who couldn´t speak up when he had the chance to. In the end he has a chance to finally speak up to somebody, but unfortunatly to somone who was only similiar in his bullying behaviour but not the actual person who should have spoken out to. And no spiting chuck´s tomb doesn´t count, so in that aspect I found it a little dissapointing.

Agent Reyes is nice but only a little naive. He has a very interesting family backstory and good motivations. If it wasn´t for the deus ex machina resolution he would probably my second favourite.

Agent Ray is handsdown the least likeable character. She starts out unsymapathetic and ends that way. The closest she comes to feeling remotely human is when she has sympathy for Reyes motivations, but that´s about it. And in the beginning I see no reason why she treats him the way she does. All the sighing and eyerolling. It semed a bit much. And there was no point later in the game were I ever grew to like her.

Delores…and this is the point where I´m driven out of town with pitchforks and torches…is really nice. I mean really really nice. And for my taste a bit too nice and perfect. To the point of, I´m sorry, feeling a bit boring to me. She always is smart, always does and says the right thing and she doesn´t really have an arc at all. She starts out nice and flawless and pretty much ends that way. She is confronted with a mindblowing revelations, and without skipping a beat follows her uncle´s orders who from a supervillian tranformed to her nice uncle. I felt she acted a little naive in this situation, I´m not sure if she got better near the end.

But this is all my personal opinion, I know almost no one shares, so feel free to burn me at the stake or whatever your prefered execution method is…

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I think Delores is the most likable character, and a lot of that has to do with the excellent voice acting.

No surprise that so far votes are only divided between Delores and Ransome, the nice people and the beepholes.

I thought of Ray and Reyes as “functional” characters to get things done, but weren’t my favorites. Though part of the fun of the multi-character feature, like MM, is choosing which character would be most fun to do certain tasks… Hmmm, who seems most likely to be cool with microwaving a hamster?

You can MW the hamster?? Only tried that with Ransome. Which char will do that, I bet its Ray.

I´m sorry but I just find anti heroes a whole lot more interesting. Look at the currently most popular TV shows and I guess you´ll get the impression a lot of people share that sentiment. Just not here it seems…

I realize now I jumped the gun and said that with only 3 votes, so I’m probably wrong about that.

Delores and Ransome and Rayes.

I’m finding it a bit hard to vote on my favourite.

In terms of personality, Ray really appealed to me - I enjoyed her cynicism and dry quips about everything (particularly Reyes who actually irritated me a bit). I found her character more interesting than the others in that respect - it gave her more of an edge. But I agree that she doesn’t have the most interesting backstory (that would go to Delores or Ransome).

Conversely, I found Delores a bit too squeaky clean at times, but I liked her contention with trying to make it in gaming instead of the family business.

I liked that Ransome atoned for his mistakes but that only happened at the end, and throughout most of the game he was a bit of a git. But he was entertaining.

I don’t think I really have a favourite as they all score differently on different things to me - personality, humour, backstory, likeability and the role they play in the game.

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Ransome is awesome, no doubt about that but the rest I didn’t like. I felt this was somewhat the weak point of TWP.

Agents have different backstories but unlike the detectives in X-files, differences are minor. They remind me of most MM characters or the Mars girls in Zak. There’s no real conflict between them and no real difference in how they act. One would be enough for the game.

Delores is nice and nothing more. She only matters because she has a big part in the story, no flaws as far as I can remember. Not a very memorable character.

Franklin was whiny and weak. He would be ok as an NPC but not a good character to play with.

There you go… It may seem harsh but I still loved the game, so it’s not that big of a deal for me. There’s such a huge gap between Ransome and the rest of them, who all feel very paper thin, but maybe that was their purpose in the story.

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Reading this I realize that, while the other PCs have a definite personality, I couldn’t describe Delores’ personality. (But I am sure I have forgotten some key lines of hers)

To talk about Ray: it is very difficult for a designer to have a PC whose motives are unknown to the player. And they did a good job with Ray. (However I was expecting her motive would be more of a revelation)

Definitely Ray and definitely not Ransome.

I voted Delores because she is a psychopathic mass-murderer who used her candid behavior to convince anyone that blindly following the insane scheme of a deranged mogul-AI hybrid and putting everyone to sleep was simply a consequence of compassion and naivety.

From the most favorite to the least favorite:

  1. Delores
  2. Ransome
  3. Reyes and Franklin
  4. Ray

This is in my opinion the weakest aspect of the game. No protagonist really stand out for me. If you push me I would go with Reyes. On the other side, I found quite a few of the secondary characters interesting and funny. I think there was a missed opportunity there, more backstories related to those characters would have been awesome. Is there a poll for secondary characters btw?

There is not a poll but there is this thread:

cool. thanks!

I liked Ray but I agree with most of your points, especially that Delores is far too nice and perfect.

Well, maybe she isn’t that nice after all :slight_smile:

I love all the characters but Reyes is the best you could “main” as. I’ll explain:

It has nothing to do with likability. (although I do like him a lot). Take Ransom, for example. He’s the funniest, but his personality does not really lead to clues of anything. He’s not interested in asking the how and why. He just has an objective and when he actually asks a question he’s not really interested in the answer, he’s just looking for a good way to insult the person he’s having a conversation with.

As for Delores: she’s likable and asks lots of questions, but she has the disadvantage of being an insider. Thus, she really does not ask questions related to the town. Why would she? She was right there the whole time.

Reyes is likable, an outsider, and asks lots of questions, either because he’s inexperienced and trying to pretend he’s not, or plain clueless. This is good, as we can figure out what’s the deal with Thimbleweed Park from the point of view of someone who knows nothing about the town. Ray is an outsider too, but there’s a terseness and efficiency that cuts a lot of good information out.

These are the same reasons someone like Guybrush Threepwood is such a good adventure game character. He is completely clueless, but also curious, and while he snarks a lot he also does not give a lot of reason for people to stop talking to him. You can get a good mileage of info from his dialogue trees.

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As for Franklin, he a)can’t speak to the living and b)he is not really objective. Too negative.

Really? When does than happen? When I walked around with Reyes, he had the same questions and got the same answers as Ray. Sometimes the tone of the question was different but it was all the same really. Dolores had some stuff that was bit different as people knew her and Ransom had most variety as he enjoyed annoying people. Still it seems a lot of stuff was just repeated.

For example, the questions about

the fire that happened so many years ago in TWP