Potential Sequel Title Brainstorming

To me, the most beautiful title for a (never done) sequel was: “Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money”. There is even some recent talk about it.

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I like this. If it was done in HD with a modern single click interface, it would have nice double meaning.

NOTE: Not that this is going to happen.


The way the game ended, there can’t be another Thimbleweed Park title. Unless it’s a spin-off inside the game we just played. Madame Morena’s, Willy’s, Leonard’s or Ricky’s story perhaps. But the world would be limited. Maybe there could be a story about Dave and Sandy. Maybe Sandy would be kidnapped and Dave would try to save her with his friends. A prequel perhaps.

If Ray escaped to some other game, that would be a different story. But we would know she’s in a computer game.

I believe for this to happen Terrible Toybox needs to be bought by a company that has it’s interests only in focus groups and short-term incomes.

NOTE: I would play TwP HD anyway. Would hate the single-click interface, and would rant about it.

Oh that´s great! I hope he´ll be healthy enough to make it. Also guy still owes us History Of The World Part 2! Where is my Hitler on Ice , Jews In Space (oh great now that song is stuck on my head again for the rest of the week) and my viking funeral

Not now at least, but this is 2017 and you never know what´s up in 2037.

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Anyway, I would prefer a completely new game, instead of a sequel. But we have already talked about it elsewhere.

I wonder if Ron has a drawer full of unimplemented ideas that just wait for enough money to make them a reality.

Oh me too, especially since I´m one of the few people who thinks Maniac Mansion never would have needed a sequel. I´d rather have had more Zak McKracken stuff especially since with a title like “Zak McKracken and…” the possiblities were endless.

Maybe it´s like with George Lucas who in a recent interview (to the puzzlement of the interviewer) said: “I´m still making movies, but they will never bee seen by anyone”.

Thimbleweed Park 2 – Chuck’s Revenge

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There is a very odd appeal to this.

No, a sequel would fit perfectly, because at the end the game is rebooting. You can give all characters the knowledge about the first part. So the title “Thimbleweed Park Rebooted” would fit perfectly. :slight_smile:

No, there could be an update to the “game”. So you can introduce new locations, characters and everything you like.

btw: Another possibility would be that Chuck was wrong. :slight_smile:

Or a text adventure… (see our discussion here: Pre-release Fanart - C64 Text Adventure)

Yep, same here. But I’m not a fan of sequels either.


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Because the process of working on something is more satisfying than releasing it and looking at the feedback?

I think this is very common in most creative areas. Jim Jarmush says that filmmaking to him is like going from having a love affair to having a baby and then having to give the baby away, the releasing is the least fun of every project.

You know while this is uncommon for filmmakers and game designers (possibly due to the usually higher number of people involved in those projects) it´s possibly very common for recording artists to just do something because it needs to get out but which is never intended for a wider audience. It´s said that the majority of Bob Dylan´s recordings remain unreleased. Maybe because he just wanted to do something but never meant for anyone to hear it.

That said, I hope positive feedback still gives you something even if our minds have this stupid tendency for the negative to outweigh the postive more often than we like.

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I’ve seen several artists, particularly those who are very popular, explaining that sometimes there is a difference between what they would like to do and what people/fans want them to do. I think that it’s a common issue whenever art becomes a product and the product needs to be (in part) designed so that it pleases the market. Some artists feel that when this happens, they are no more free to create what they want.

I don’t think that is what George meant. He meant he is going to make the movies he wants to make, and those are movies people won’t want to see (and won’t).

That is also what I’m reacting to. I have several pet projects I’d love to make, but prefer to make them in private, release them anonymously and forget about them. It’s the process of making them that interest me, not seeing if anyone else likes them.

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You mean like Red Tails? Yes, that would make sense compared to other things he said about the frustration of making mainstream movies.

Have you thought about adopting a pseudonym maybe? Mind you @Nor_Treblig is already taken, but I´m sure you can get creative.:slight_smile:

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You’re assuming that I’m not @Nor_Treblig.


Because like James Randi says, even skeptical people make assumptions. But we´ve already theorized among ourselves that some of the users on this forums are bots created by you that somehow have become sentinent.

The Sequel

Parkleweed Thimble

2nd Game

Ransome’s Ransom

Forward to the Past

Thimbleweed Park 2: Chuck’s Revenge

Sounds intriguing, I already know what he´s holding to ransom. America!

You know what the best reason to do a sequel is?
To have a proper setup for part 3 of the trilogy:

Thimbleweed Park 3: Trippleweed Park

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