Potential Sequel Title Brainstorming

You’re assuming that I’m not @Nor_Treblig.


Because like James Randi says, even skeptical people make assumptions. But we´ve already theorized among ourselves that some of the users on this forums are bots created by you that somehow have become sentinent.

The Sequel

Parkleweed Thimble

2nd Game

Ransome’s Ransom

Forward to the Past

Thimbleweed Park 2: Chuck’s Revenge

Sounds intriguing, I already know what he´s holding to ransom. America!

You know what the best reason to do a sequel is?
To have a proper setup for part 3 of the trilogy:

Thimbleweed Park 3: Trippleweed Park

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A-Who framed Boo-A-Reno?
Big Thick Tubes
Fumbletweed Dark
Chuck No Amount of Wood

And in a shocking twist for two franchises…

Monkey Island 3: The Legend of Chuck


Better Call Ray

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Who Framed Willie T. Wino (we still don´t know)

:+1: with Michael McKean as Chuck of course!


Game Of Tubes
Thimbleweed Park: On Stranger Tubes

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Nice… I would have to put my CashCard™ on this one though:

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I believe Bill Watterson is also doing this

Also: my vote goes to Thimbleweed Park 2: Electric Tube-aloo

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It sounds more like the opera to the game…

Electic Tube-a-loo: A new musical by Steve Kirk

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Thimbleweed Park 2: The Arcade Games.

Experience the Thimbleweed Park Arcade game hall with five exciting games. State-of-the-art graphics with 320×240 resolution and 256 colors! These games are as true to life as it gets!

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I’m still on holidays, but a little peek to this forum never hurts.

My suggestions for potential sequel:

  • AnUpper World
  • Delores Edmund And The Human Programmers
  • Who Framed Angela Ray
  • You Don’t Understand A Tube

Greetings from the sea!


Have a nice vacation @ZakPhoenixMcKracken ! As I noticed, your dog has an own towel and obviously likes to drink beer! He knows how to enjoy life! :slight_smile:

By the way, what about this one?

  • TWP Trek: The Search for Agent Ray

Oh, that’s not my dog! I asked the dog’s owner if I could take a picture of it, because it was so nice :blush:
Never met that guy before. But he was kind with me .

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Hey guys, it’s time for a new episode of “Guga explains Zak’s Italian in-jokes”.

In this episode, Guga will explain how the title refers to a typical Italian saying. “You don’t understand a pipe” is an Italian way of saying “you don’t understand anything at all”. However, “pipe” is “tubo” in Italian, which sounds like “tube”. Hence, the suggested title.

Where will Zak bring us next time? Stay tuned to find it out on the forum!


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Referrig to a tube or to a pipe is a very, very, very edulcorated way to avoid explicit references to male genitalia.

Saying “non capisci un tubo” isn’t considered trivial at all, is socially acceptable and has even a childish aftertaste. So, mr general, here, could have been far more explicit :grinning:

That’s valid for other languages too. :wink: (Especially if you are a “plumber” who likes to “install” a “pipe” in an old 8mm film from the 70s …)