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Problem when the mouse is at the right-most side of the screen


That’s a long guide indead :slight_smile: I’ll check that later. Thanks.


Linkfix for the rest of us who do not have access to edit the video:


Ooops, I fixed the link.


I tried to follow the guide but I’m stuck at step 5: typing “steam://nav/console” in my browser doesn’t open Steam, it starts a search in Google instead. It seems the steam hook isn’t registered on my computer.

I read somewhere that by starting steam with the “console” option it would show the console, but again, no luck: it doesn’t show the console.

edit: that’s “-console”, downloading an older version right now…


I tried a few different Steam versions, here are the results:

  • version 1421.958: doesn’t work (that’s current stable version)
  • version 1421.957: doesn’t work (March 1, 2018 – 17:27:54 UTC)
  • version 1420.955: doesn’t work (November 20, 2017 – 15:57:11 UTC)
  • version 1312.861: doesn’t work (April 6, 2017 – 21:10:17 UTC)


Well, that means it wasn’t something I just introduced. I’ve never heard of this issue before and I doubt it’s gone unnoticed for a year. So, I wonder if a Windows update broke something. As I mentioned, I don’t see this issue on my Surface Pro, so I wonder if this is a Surface Book issue (or Surface Book + latest update). I don’t have access to a Surface Book, so I can’t test it right now. I’ll see if someone locally has one.

Thanks for all your effort in tracking this down.


Thanks for the follow up. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was introduced by some update: bugs come, and go, and come back with Windows 10 updates. You never know what can happen.

A new big update is supposed to be released soon: maybe it will make things better…


One of our testers (@Calypso) found this:

Sounds like a similar problem.


Yes, think positive.


Just to be sure I also tested the very first release and the problem is still there.

I guess this has nothing to do with the problem I have but it seems the SDL window of Thimbleweed Park has the WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES flag so can accept drag and drop: I’m not sure this is intented.

The reported size of 3000x2000 is correct: that’s the resolution of the Surface Book:


It seems to be related indeed. The workaround is also the same (but it’s not a solution for me as it makes the app laggy).


@RonGilbert I found a way to reproduce the problem with another computer.

It seems the bug only happens with certain scaling: on my wife’s Lenovo (which is also high DPI 3200:1800), the problem didn’t happen. I checked the scaling setting (see my very first screenshot in this thread) and it was set to 250%: that’s the recommended setting for her computer.

Changing it to 200% (which is the default scaling on my machine) makes the bug appear on her computer as well.

To sum up:

  • Surface Book / 200% (default) scaling: bug

  • Surface Book / 250% scaling: no bug

  • Lenovo Yoga Book / 200% scaling: bug

  • Lenovo Yoga Book / 250% (default) scaling: no bug

So I think that depending on the default setting of the computer’s screen scaling, the bug may or may not appear.


Just to let you know that the problem is still there with the latest Windows 10 Update (1803: “April 2018 Update”).

I had little hope the update would fix it but unfortunately the problem is still there :frowning:


Problem is still there in latest October 2018 update…



I bought the game few hours ago, and I faced a similar problem with a “desktop” windows.
In my case, it was not a game or steam issue but was related to windows10 : the cursor goes to a “ghost” second monitor at the right of the screen (dual screen).

I only deleted the 2nd screen, and the game works perfectly.

Hope it helps.