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Puzzle Games on VR Headset

My brother in law bought a VR headset. I borrowed it and used it.

Aaaaaargh, all I can do now is dream. Dream of the day that Monkey Island is remade in 3d so I can walk around it, and actually ride the cable to Meathook’s house.


Ron, you need to step in and make something :slight_smile:


For some reason you wrote ‘Puzzle Games’ instead of adventures… so here we go:

GNOG was release two days ago:

That would be incredible :heart_eyes: I’d give my pulley for that.





No idea what you´re thinking there, I just thought “how is she gonna ride the cable without the pulley?”

Okay, I kinda see what you mean…

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I meant it in a ‘give my right arm’ kind of way, but I can see how Ema got there :smirk:

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*flashback to a dream I had, but had buried in the recesses :flushed: *

Sorry, enough off-topic.

But do go on…

If I write it then quickly delete it, can mods read what was there originally? :thinking:

Mods cannot read PMs.

This guy reads everything!


What an interesting unrelated fact :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’ve built it up too much now - you’re gonna be disappointed.

I am now, because you´re not telling.

Back on topic 3D Maps of Monkey Island have been built several times, so there would be a defininte interest to experience Melée Island et al in first person.


Do they only exist as (2D) videos?

I actually don´t know much about the people who made them. There anything in the comments?

They should not, but they can. (For sure the admins do)

Why do you think that?


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