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So Christ is into knives and the devil into booze?


I would expect the opposite since the first had literally wine as blood.


:open_book: The Queen Biography

When I was in London 20 years ago I bought a book at the Harrod´s book store. A biography on the early days of Queen with a monochromatic purple-ish coloured band picture on the front from around the Night At The Opera days.

I sat down later on a street (just casually leaning on a fence) to read a bit in it when this really super super pretty girl (and no, I am confident it wasn´t @PiecesOfKate, that one was a brunette!) and her friend walked past me. I could hear her exclaim:

“Ohhh, Queen!”

when she passed by me I could see she was looking after me with the loveliest smile on her face.

The power of Queen you guys! I tell you…the power of Queen! :blush:


Ehrm… Uhm… Where can I get that book today? :wink:


I believe it was antiquarian even back then! :slight_smile:

Those London birds were nicer than usually in general, though. :grin:


Hmmm… :thinking:


There’s a company here that makes sanitary installations and other stuff.

It’s called Tecno Impianti Termo-Sanitari.

Yep, its acronym is TITS.




Hm… which kind of “sanitary installations” do they make…?


Milk stools obviously!


While remembering the countries where I’ve been, a couple of episodes came to my mind about Scandinavia.
:bookmark: The first one is in Copenhagen, a wonderful city. About ten years ago. Me and my friend were walking down the city, just looking around in the late evening. At some point of the road we found a sign like this near an entrance: “Come up for a beer”
We thought it was some event at some nice bar at the first floor, and entered the door and went up to the first floor.
At the first glance we were a little bit disappointed, since there were just three or four long tables and a bar with some drinks to serve by yourself, and no one else but us. But all of a sudden a guy appears and tell us: “Where have you been?! Hurry up, follow me, you’re late!”
Me and my friend looked at each other and smiled. I bet we thought the same thing “How dynamically warm those Danes are!”
Anyway we followed the guy down the street again, and I guess for a good quarter of an hour. He asked us some questions, like where we came from, while trying not to lose the view of other people all along the road in the city at night.
“Good! It’s an itinerant party!” I Thought.
Finally we reached some sort of pub, with a lot of people inside. The guy told us: “Please come in, and meet the other guys!” thus pointing to some other people that were about to sit there. The guy quickly disappeared like it was in charge of organizing something. We had a look all around, greeted the other people with large smiles, and got a couple of beers at the bar. The guy suddenly re-appeared and had another beer with us. I remember we talked about many various things, as he was a little bit tipsy ad we enjoyed a lot. I don’t remember why we had to go back to hour hostel, so we greeted him and he told us: “ok guys see you tomorrow in the same place, same hour.”
We went back on our track quite happy for such a kind and warm welcoming we received by complete strangers.

The day after we decided to come back. Same pub, same hour.
This time the guy was a little more lucid. We greeted him and started to talk. He asked us, quite a while after: “But, tell me a thing, honestly: you are not part of the crew of the visiting students of the local University, right?”. He was some sort of tutor or assistant for foreign students at the University.
Me and my friend looked at each other and answered: “What? Sure not!”
We all started to laugh together and continued to meet at the same place for the remaining days.


This somehow reminds me of that time in Aachen, Germany, where a drunk guy was carrying around a barbecue and giving out bratwürste to people as his bachelor party. I remember he was disappointed after he learned I was Italian (it was 2007, the World Cup defeat was still burning) but the bratwurst was exquisite.


:open_book: Kids are creepy

So, two days ago my youngest daughter was walking around with a towel on her head chanting to her sister in a spooky voice “you will diiiiiieeeeee! Ilaaaariaaaaaaa, youuu will diiiieeee!”

Yesterday she did the same, but the profecy was a bit more specific and creepier.

“Ilariaaaaa, you will fall down the stairs and diiiieeeee!”


Did she go more and more specific with her prophecy? eg, forecasting a precise date and time for the event?


Wouldn´t that be sort of counterproductive if she actually wanted to carry out her plan?


No, she stopped. I hope the spirit that possessed her just noticed he got the wrong person and disappeared hoping that nobody would notice the error.

Wait, my neighbor is called Ilaria too. Should I warn her?


I don´t know, she might be concerned enough from hearing her name being shouted from next door once in a while.


The Gugas. Creepy family, huh.



:open_book: Walk this way

So, the small town I live in just opened an outdoor ice rink, right behind where I live. Of course it’s a great attraction for the daughters, and of course it’s a great attraction for me, the eternal child with a taste for winter activities second only to his ineptitude for winter activities. Moreover, skate rental and rink entrance are free, so…

So, yesterday we went there and it was for me the fourth time in my life that I put ice skates, the third being last Saturday and the second having happened no earlier than ten years ago. You can imagine I wasn’t the stablest skater in there, but I was having fun and I managed not to break any body parts.

After half an hour or more of slipping away, we decided it was time to head back home. I walked back to the rental office, gave the skates back, put on my sneakers and walked away.

Rejoicing in my newfound stability, I smiled and said out loudly: "Being able to walk feels so great!"

Then I noticed the 8 y.o. girl in front of me with crutches and a broken leg.


Oops! :sweat_smile: